Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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Ektrosis AED Report #6 ~DJK Sidarace Rathden~

With Christmas coming up, don't expect anything to change =P Last year everyone was saying that it was going to be dead, and it ended up being like a regular day, If not more people on IRC than normal.

Got a lot of stuff to cover in this report, it's gona be good.

Jac has returned to Tal! Woot.

Operation: Resurgence (OP:R) is underway and is in full swing. This is your chance to warm up for all of those GJW competitions! Events entitled in OP:R are, Battle Plan event (Signups are done and today is the last day for BP submissions, make sure your team gets theirs out by tonight!), ACC, Gaming and RO. More information on that will be further down in 'Random finds' section.

Here is the link for Operation: Resurgence:

A fair bit of Tal's members were shipped off to the rogues this week, after a good month or so to reply to the AWOL check email. If you got AWOLed and want to come back into the Clan, it's as easy a click away with “Transfer back into Taldryan” button. At least that's what they tell me ;]

New Clan ACC qualification training rooms set up by the Combat Master of the Antei Combat Central. In short, instead of having to have an ACC trainer qualify you, you can have your clan mates do it for you! For anyone who would like to qualify, I am open to help you in that area, as I love the ACC. =]

The big news is: DB site went down for a good half a week or more while Jac and his little club of coders worked on putting the new Character Sheets and Light Sabers up. I personally am waiting until I end all of my OP:R ACC battle before I even look at the new CS's, as I don't want to get carried away change my CS.

New special order oriantated Sith, Krath, and Obelisk Light Sabers and Robes were made by our awesome DGM and HRLD Emeritus Muz (I think he was the only one who did it, though I could be wrong). Personally, the HRLD is my favorite DC position (besides Kaek and his MAAness, cause well, he's just cool like that), and I love the new Robes and Sabers. I think the Obelik's got slighted on the robes, however, but I could be wrong.

Lots of updates from our Combat Master BloodFyre with the new Character Sheets and what not. From what I have hear they are awesome. I have looked at a few other peoples CS's, and they look pretty baller to me.

GM report out, read it like you mean it!

T:Wiki report out, lovedahwiki.

A lot of awards were given out to all of the members who helped out with the graphics and coding and what not of the new CS's and sabers and robes, and over all awesomeness, so congrats to all of you who got the big awards!

Taldryans very own GM Jac Cotelin was awarded his second Golden light saber, making him the first Dark Jedi in the DJB to receive two. If that is not enough to show how awesome he is, then I do not know what is. <3 DaXGM


We have two new (oldies) members returning to us from the rogues! Welcome back DJM Shups and JH Quintan Tylax! We are happy to have you in Ektrosis, and Taldryan most importantly, especially near the eve of the Great Jedi War 9.


JH Quintan Tylax receive his first award, snagging himself a nice DC, Congrats!

Wait till next report for the mother load of awards coming in from the OP:R spoils.

So, we had a major amount of Shadow Academy courses past this week.

JH Quintan Tylax completed a motherload of SA courses, including: HTML Basics, IRC Basics, Sith Alchemy, Leadership Studies, Sith Core, Krath Core, Grammar, Conflict Mediation, and last, but certainly not least, ACC Initiats course. Keep up the good work Quin!

NOV Restuun Valdori passed the Brotherhood Basics course and the Weapons Basic course. Keep up the activity guys!

DB wide/Can widecompetitions


Gaming Nights (Ongoing; Ends on 12/31)

  • Operation: Resurgence (Starts December 12/1 and ends at the beginning of the GJW)

  • Inter-Club Training Event (Saturdays; Ends on 12/31)]

  • [T:G] There Can Only Be One ... (Ends on 12/15)

  • Tal Caption Contest (Ends on 12/30)

  • A New Hope: Tal Trivia (Ongoing; Ends on 12/31)

  • EaWesome The Second (Ends on 12/31)

Ektrosis Competitions


  • Trivia League

  • AEDs Challenge

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Taldryan Googlegroup – [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Ektrosis Googlegroup – [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Consul Shadow Taldrya - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]<br

Proconsul Hel-Pa Sklib – [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Quaestor Vodo Biask – [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Aedile Sidarace Rathden -- [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Clan Rollmaster - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Phoenix Battleteam Leader Lokasena Corvinus -- [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

So, today I am displaying the three new Obelisk DJK+ light sabers that were created by our awesome DGM Muz.

From let to right the names of the light saber hilts are, Assassin, Centurion, and ** Paladin**. I love them, especially the one on the right. And the one in the middle. And the one on the left. =P

The next big thing I am super stoked about is HRLD Shikyo's special holiday critter christmas event to come out, because I love the HRLD's office, they have cool stuff.

EKTROSIS INITIATIVE: Join in on the Opertation: Resurgence events, they are awesome and the summit will love you if you compete. Plus, you will gain some pretty awesome awards for it. Can't go wrong with awards, now can you? (Not a real question, so don't ask!)

Since the NEW CHARACTER SHEETS are out, now is a good time to work on it and join in the ACC fun. First ACC match is always the hardest, at least the first post in. Best thing to do is not to stress out, and just do it. It took me forever to actually do it because I was scared I was going to be horrible at it...

I was. =B

But, over the past year, I have held a fair amount of Matches in the ACC (10, and I am currently in 4 others), and I think it is safe to say that I am pretty good at it now.

Also, if you would like to qualify before the GJW so you can participate in it, come see me, I will be more than happy to train you in the new ACC hall. This goes for Ektrosis and Dinaari members.

WangLaw=Awesome, you remember that now, you hear?

**DJK Sidarace Rathden

Ektrosis of Taldryan

AED/RM PIN #9193**

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