Aedile Report


Aedile Report


On Antenora, Somewhere in Suzel

The tribe headman sat before the robed figure, as pale as pearls harvested at the right time. "Surely you jest! We cannot do as you ask Dark One, to do so would mean war amongst the tribes! It is unthinkable!" A gasp, heard from the youngest daughter of the chief, brought everyones attention to the abnormal growth of skin on the right hand that had strayed into the light. It was in the final process of healing from the severe damage it had received in the battle against the Vong Warmaster. It had taken longer than normal for him to heal, even with the bacta. The wounds had been persistent, requiring travel to the Corporate Sector to be treated with an experimental drug. It had worked, and now Tra'an was finally healing without re-injury, and was almost finished.

"I never jest about business. Send word to the tribes. Any who support this rebellion will feel our wrath. We protected you, when the Vong came. We hid you, fed you, and even fought to save those you had already abandoned. Those of the rebellion did what? Nothing. Continue to serve us, as you have served us in the past, and we will continue to protect you and exert our influence for your benefit."

The headsman of the tribe nodded his head, knowing that it was all true. Tra'an had cleared the area around Suzel personally, leading the Kraken Regiment to victory so that this tribe could have its lands back. They were indebted to him personally, as well as to his house, and it had never been a possibility that they would side against Acclivis Draco. Tra'an's appearance was to ensure active participation against the rebellion, not just passive resistance to it.

"We will do as you ask. You ask so little of us, that we would be dishonored to refuse now. We will stand with you and your brethren in this time of unrest. The Suzel are with you." The headsman stood, offering his hand unashamedly, despite the long standing superstition about wounds such as Tra'ans. Tra'an took the proffered hand and sealed the agreement. "Let it be said always, that the Suzel honor their debt."

As Tra'an turned to leave, one of the under chief's stood up. "The Bourgeoisie shall die! Long Live The People!" Almost as soon as this utterance had finished, the underchief was filled with thrown knives from many of the assembled crowd. No one defied the chief's word in the Suzel. Once a decision had been reached, it was law. That is why Tra'an had started with them. The rebellion would find no quarter here.

Making no notice of what had happened, as it would be rude to do so, the Dark Knight left his friends behind him, heading for the heavily modified YT-2550 waiting for him. As he ascended into the ship, and eventually took a seat in the cockpit, his co-pilot entered instructions to send them to the next tribe. "Why must you do this personally? Risking yourself to a Rebellion assassin is unwise, especially with the house in such a need for every body."

Tra'an didn't even bother turning to look at his co-pilot and long standing companion, Libra Tzo. "I'm not a Paladin for nothing. I must advance the cause personally. Many of these tribes know me, and interact with me on a regular basis. Coming out here personally shows them that I value you them. You saw what happened to a member of the Rebellion just now. These Tribes value honor. What I do honors them. We need them now, more than they need us. That is why I do this."

She sat in silence, flying the ship carefully to their next destination, Vum Kep. Tribe by Tribe, he would see them, to received defiance or acceptance. It was his way, and beside him she would be, for his way was her way, for now.


Welcome to my 7th Report as Aedile. I hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or just plain excellent holidays. This report has a longer fiction than normal, to place Tra'an at the beginning of the Rebellion. I encourage you all to participate, as we are few, and yet so powerful. Help me prove that while few in number, HAD is still strong of spirit!

Clan Business

The Resignation of Jac as Seneschal, Bloodfyre as CM, and the re-appointment of Halc as CM all came as quick surprises. The ACC is making it easier for you to qualify, so get qualified! Remember to work with your old CS'es for qualification, as the ACC is not yet ready to use the new ones, but they're working on it!

Speaking of the New Character Sheets, get hopping and have it approved today! Just because we aren't using them yet is not an excuse not to get it done. They're awesome and you'll love them, as even the most skeptical people have admitted that they're several steps above what we've had before and will open vast new ways of customization

Orders! The new Order Paths have been released on the Cs'es, though what it means for us fictionally is not yet certain. I encourage those of you DJK+ to select your paths based on how you think they will apply, and those of you not yet DJK to plan on what you will be. If you continue to push hard, you'll make it.

A shout out to Korvyn, Koryn, and Matt Adler! You guys have been busting your butts, good work!

Muz has been gifting us with presents, so catch up with Merry Sithmas on the Homepage.

House Business

As I have made a point about in this report, we are now in a House Feud, vying for control of the clan. Please, please make time for doing the fiction. I encourage all of you to work hard to help HAD retain control as the #1 house of the clan. Now is the time to show your dominance!

All submissions should be cc'ed to myself, Timbal ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Kalak ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). We help ensure that your efforts recieve noble points, and also like to be able to give feedback on how you might improve, or that we just really like the work that you're doing.

Join us on IRC! The Undernet network, in #scholae and #acclivisdraco !


Tra'an Reith

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