Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

A paper slid off the stack as Nihil laid it down onto his desk. Grabbing the piece, he put it back on top and looked around his new office. He eyed every corner of the room, deciding what to rearrange and what gear he should bring in. Eyeing the spot behind the desk, he knew that was where he'll store his bottles of booze. Nodding, he turned back to the papers.

His comlink then beeped. "Ahh crap, what now..." he muttered realizing it was Dante.

"How's the chamber for the Blades, Nihil?" he asked.

"Fine fine, just let me prepare my desk and I'll have the team in action ASAP, sir," Nihil replied. He lied, he was going to take his sweet time drinking the night away as his first night being the leader.

Nihil grabbed the top paper and looked at it. "Hmm, so this isn't necessary," he said crumbling up the paper stating Anarya's competition is approved. He threw the ball as a rainbow and made it bounce off the wall, banking into the waste basket.

He then yelled "Nice!"

Ok folks, let the chaos begin! I'm in now, and we have some fun inbound.

The new 2week event "Rise of the Rebellion" is underway. Thran was nice to bring us some activities to train for the great GJW. This can be found at CSP's site via my link!

Rise of the Rebellion

The current comps, they are all CSP for the Rebellion, so nothing new here folks!


Anarya Elvendar achieved Guardian


Korvyn Elvendar got a Dark Cross for Beta testing the new Character Sheets

Nihil got a Topaz Star in Song of the Battlefield

_Shadow Academy

Anarya passed Training Sabers, ACC Initiates, and Krath Core


Maximus Raidoner beat Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana

Yeah I totally commandeered some stuff from Ric, but he didn't have a problem with me using it. Yayz!

I have no other things to be said, other than to gear up and create chaos for the Rebellion. Soldiers, embark!

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