Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

_SW JScumm #7764

Blue Mist Commander

House Galeres

Clan Arcona_


Hope you’re enjoying your holidays now. This is my 11th Commander report and also my last report in 2008. 2009, here we come! :) A bit late, but I did it on purpose, since we had PCON and QUA report out in short time span.


-More goodies (read: Robes and Sabers) from our Herald, Uncle Shikyo and also from Muza Clause. Thanks guys! They are cool! Unfortunately, most of them are only for DJK above. So this means you must work harder to advance to the rank of DJK (minimum) to get those goodies :)

-Proconsul Vorion released his first report. Go read it, as it contains Clan Major Projects, Clan Prospectus and competitions with cool prizes!

-Xathia, our lovely Galeres Quaestor released her 4th report. Nice report as always. And I’m happy to see that we, Blue Mist, dominate the activity in House Galeres. Well done! :) Keep up the good work!

-Congrats to Rho Ozrei d’Tana who was appointed as our Clan Rollmaster. Good to have you back in the Summit!

-And congrats also to our FL Tirano Yamayura for being named the new Eclectic Pedagogue of Poetry Basics and Advanced Poetry! Let’s have a drink! His treat, of course ;)

-BT-wise, we have our new BT website,
Well, you have Dathka to thank for, and please let him know what you think about the site and throw any suggestions you have to him.


This time, the competition listing is dominated by our Proconsul's ;)

FYI, next week our QUA will announce the new Imperator and Executor, so stay tuned.


Not much to report, due to holidays I guess ;)


-Cluster of Fire x15

Raith Xderon

-Crescent with Emerald Star x2


-Crescent with Topaz Star

-Passed Leadership Fundamentals

-Passed Astronomy (100%)

It doesn’t have to be a genius to pick up our nominees for Aces of Blue Mist this week… yup, still Dathka in the first place followed by Raith. I’ll announce Aces of Blue Mist for the 4th term next week.


Below is the roster of Blue Mist, with the position (for fictional RP only) right next to them, well few of them. If you like any position that suit you the most, please contact me.

Sith Commander JScumm, Pilot and Strategist

Obelisk Trooper Chucky

Sith Flight Member Aiorus Van Trayus

Krath Tyro Eclipse

Sith Flight Leader Tirano Yamayura

Obelisk Trooper Robert James Durden

Sith Flight Member Zaire

Krath Tyro Marakesh

Sith Flight Leader Talos Vyranius d'Tana, Special Operations Officer

Sith Flight Member Dathka Zhar-Khon, Communications Officer

Obelisk Trooper Raith Xderon

Obelisk Trooper Dorn Ty'Rodius Ravr, Sniper


Arcona Website

Blue Mist Wikipage

Blue Mist message board


Time for me to go, remember to stay active and that GJW is about a month to go, give it your all. If you have any concern to ask, just let me know. I will be more than glad to help. Have a good week ahead and happy New Year!

Be active and have fun!


SW JScumm

Commander of Blue Mist Squadron

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