Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Howdy, folks. It’s been an exciting week with all of the holidays and festivities, and I’m sure a lot of you have New Year’s parties to attend and/or host. I advise that you all get really drunk, even you underage kids!

I had a thrilling holiday experience as well, locked in my home with too many relatives for me to handle. Still, it was fun, and presents are always nice (no matter how much they look like clothes). Taig has been busy with his relatives, so he hasn’t been seen much on IRC, but that’ll change in a few days.


Fictional Information

Whoo, Great Jedi War in a few weeks! I put up a big evergreen tree and multicolored lights just to celebrate it.

Not a lot of updates here on the House/Clan level. I’ve been working a bit with Vorion and the rest of the Summit on updating the Clan Prospectus, and that is moving along nicely. Other than that, most of the developments have been on the DC-level, so read the news posts on the main page.



-Congrats to our new Clan Rollmaster, Rho Ozrei d’Tana! Rho is a seasoned member of the Summit and it is great to have him back with us.

-We had a nice Herald-style Christmas/Hanukkah thing going on, where tons of new lightsabers and robes were released. Check those out on the main page. Some of them are just for Equites or Elders, some you can access at DJK, and some even below that.

-I just released a New Year style competition check it out.

-Vorion has a series of Dark Visions competitions out right now, those links will be provided below.


Awards and Shadow Academy

  • Sapphire Crescent for Legorii

  • Emerald Crescent for Legorii

  • 3 Clusters of Fire for Andrelious J. Inahj


Promotions and Roster Changes

-Welcome and congrats to NOV Mortalitas!

-Welcome ShadowDragoon!

-Welcome Anton Staen!


Competition Links

New Year’s Resolution.

Dark Visions: The First Rite

Dark Visions: The Second Rite.

Dark Visions: Third Rite.

Dark Visions: Mastery.

Dark Visions: Grand Mastery.

Invoke Baneshade

<big>Thanks guys. Have fun, and stay tuned for the next report in two weeks.</big>


KP Legorii Kryotek (Krath) /AED-EP-Wiki/ Qel-Droma of Arcona [ACC: CL:1]

AC / DC-SP / Cr-1D-5R-10A-8S-4E-4T-2Q / CF-GF / DSS-AgL / SI / SoF / SoL / LS-AgL / S:-27Rm-1P

{SA: MVN – DML - DMW - DMP - DMH - DMF} (8893)

Former Prodigy of Galeres, Former Tetrarch of Dark Orb, Aedile of Qel-Droma

Loyal Apprentice of Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae and Master of Arador (10203)


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