Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Silvia Industries Headquarters Facility,

Nas Modeh City, Batnare Continent,

Antenora, Cocytus System,

Dark Brotherhood Territories

Timbal Palpatine was furious. The glaring, still smoking hole in the side of the main headquarters building of Silvia Industries stood there, mocking him and the House was in charge of. Worse, the CEO was himself insinuating the same thing, and if Timbal didn’t need this man, he would have sliced him open like so much fodder.

Instead, the Quaestor gritted his teeth and made some general reassuring statements to the effect that everything would be taken care of, and he made to depart.

The bolt from a sniper rifle begged to differ.

His hands a mere blur, Timbal grabbed his lightsaber and managed to deflect the bolt back just in time. The civilian underlings, in shock, did what all sheep did and just gaped. “Get to some goddamn cover!” he yelled out at them, blocking another bolt, sending it skyward so it wouldn’t hit anything or anyone important.

Once the civilians started to scramble about and find some effective cover, Timbal gestured at his honor guard to find the punk and bring him back. As they departed, Timbal said, “I want ‘em alive!”, and batted away another bolt.

Although he was shot at only three more times, and all bolts were batted away harmlessly, it still seemed like forever before his guards could catch the sniper. Finally, he heard the triple squelch on his commlink that signified mission success. Timbal shut down his lightsaber, and looked about to ensure that no one was hurt, which aside from scrapes from over-enthusiasm in taking cover, were all okay.

The guards finally returned, and the Quaestor was about in a foul mood as he had been in a really long time. He didn’t show disappointment at the sight of pieces of a battle droid held in their arms, but instead reached out with the Force to sense any sort of trap that this possible distraction might be covering up.

Finding nothing, he motioned for them to load up the thing into a transport. “Try to find every scrap of information you can get from it. Immediately. Like, right the hell now,” he said, his voice in a barely contained fury. They acknowledged and disappeared.

He turned to look at the shaken CEO. He locked his eyes in his, and said firmly, with murder in his voice, “I will stamp out this rebellion, and they shall know my fury.”

He turned around and departed, activating his commlink and started to issue orders….


Greetings, brothers and sisters of HAD!

Finally, we’re in an intra-Clan Feud! YEAH! On to the report!

Things to Cover (Clan / House Stuffs):

  • Clan stuff: Well, Rise of a Rebellion (RoaR) is finally running. This is a serious competition, and I damn sure want to win this thing. I’m currently in three ACC battles, and as soon as this report is done, I’m off to put in my own entries into the events of week one. I know that Karean has already submitted to the Shock and Awe event, so I expect everyone to participate. Go, go, go, go!

  • Competitions: Other than the Race for Knowledge competition that ends today, there will be no other competitions until RoaR is over with, so we can all concentrate on those events. Again, submit entries!

  • The next GJW is coming WITHIN WEEKS, get ready!

  • CSP Shadow Academy Course: Still doing final draft revisions right now. Got kinda sidetracked with the holidays. =/

  • House Projects: On Hold until RoaR/GJW are done and over with.

  • Shout-outs: Tra’an for his DC, Yeld for his Crescent w/ Sapphire Star, Vascyus and his promo to Novice, and all the peeps that won in the CSP Oscars!

Random Other Things:

  • Quote: “Instead of building newer and larger weapons of mass destruction, I think mankind should try to get more use out of the ones we have.”– Jack Handy

Real Life Stuff:

More random stuff going on in my life!

  • Work: Gah, there might be a serious re-org going on soon, supposedly in effect on Monday. We’ll see….

  • Gun stuff!: Going to the range later today to drop about 200 rounds downrange… Good times! =D

  • Holiday hopes: As I had feared, Lightsaber Battles for the Wii tires out Josh. A lot. =P

  • A happy holidays? From Thran? WTH? What is he going to say in his next report, “I like rainbows and teddy bears?” Seriously slipping there, bud. =P

  • I was reading some of the older CON reports in the DJB site for CSP. Wow, I can’t believe I was OM and a DJK of HAD back in 2001. That’s a hell of a long time ago! =D


Well, that's about it, peeps. Until next time!

KE Timbal

QUA guy

Random medals and stuffs go here.

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