Grand Master Resignation


Grand Master Resignation


Members of the Dark Brotherhood,<p>

Today marks the two year anniversary of my selection as Grand Master and is a fitting date to submit my resignation. The combination of my work schedule, our new baby, and other real life obligations has led to a diminishing ability to perform my duties as Grand Master. In the past I have always found a way to make time for the Dark Brotherhood, but right now there is just enough time in the day.<p>

I have enjoyed the last two years and would like to thank the members of the Dark Brotherhood for the opportunity to lead this wonderful club. I have always viewed the DB as a club that has a tremendous ability to forgive and offer people second chances. This was certainly the case with my ascension to Grand Master after my prolonged stay in the Emperor's Hammer past the original split. I always tried to keep that in mind in my dealings with our members, especially those members with a colorful/checkered past.<p>

During the past two years our club has grown in many ways that I am proud of. Our wiki has gone from a sloppy little mess to a fantastic archive of our clubs history, our website has undergone many great changes, and a lot of the open hostility between cliques has died down. Overall, I feel we have gone in the right direction and I feel the next GM will be able to continue the trend of making the DB a better place.<p>

I'd like to finish off by saying I was very fortunate by having a large number of friends who I could call on for support and advice. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I never made a decision as GM without first consulting a large and varied group of Dark Brotherhood members. I found that going to people with varying opinions on how the Dark Brotherhood should be run kept me honest and for the most part fair. It would be wrong if I did not thank them:<p>

  1. Jac, Firefox, Kir, and Pyralis: These four guys are the reason I came to the Dark Brotherhood and they are the reason I found early success. I would have never made it in the DB if it were not for them giving me a chance.<p>

  2. Muz and Halc: These guys were the two best Deputy Grand Master's I could have asked for. Halc was the key contributor and leader in the RoS and Muz was the main guy in making sure the administration of the GJW happened. Muz and Halc were always available to take on a project, offer advice, and take the initiate on projects. I and the DB owe these guys and incalculable amount of gratitude.<p>

  3. Raken: Obviously Raken has redefined the role of what a Praetor can do in the Dark Brotherhood. Without a doubt, Raken has contributed more time and energy to improving the Dark Brotherhood than just about anyone I know. He has done so with zero drama, a great sense of humor, and a perspective unique to a person outside of Clan politics. Raken, you were the best and I owe you a ton. I am sorry I won't be the guy to promote you to DA in a few months :p<p>

  4. Dalthid/Paladin: The two of you were always there for advice and to offer me support. You have both gone way above what you were asked and I appreciate all you have done and continue to do.<p>

  5. Oberst/Donitz: To classify these guys as the dissenting opinion guys I mentioned above would be unfair to both of them. Oberst and Donitz provided me with a great deal of advice and support over the past two years and they have always done so without expectation of reward. Yes, these two guys had a lot of different views from me, but that is exactly why I went to them. They gave me the view that I could not get from my inner circle and for that I owe them greatly. <p>

Okay, I could write about this group of guys and the hundreds I have forgot to mention for a week, but its time to get the showing moving on.<p>

As per the Covenant, it is my duty to appoint my successor. Thus, I appoint Deputy Grand Master Muz (no clan/last names please :p) as my replacement. It is now up to the Dark Council to ratify Muz's selection by Majority vote. Dark Council, expect an email tonight.<p>

That is it from me. I appreciate everyone for the great times over the past couple years. The incoming GM will make a call on the GJW start date (I'd delay it a few days), but I am happy to say the storyline will more than likely remain with me as Grand Master (word). I'll let the new guy make those calls though. <p>

Take care!<p>

Grand Master Sarin


Sarin... me, you, mendaar, and whoever else need to get on CoD5 and kick some major ass... ill add you when i get done eating lol

For a second there Nihl, I swore your name said 'Taigikori' =P
Congrats on the upcoming baby Sarin, and good report, answered some questions for me.

Congrats on the set! Glad to have you back safe and sound! Looking forward to the economy!

Sweet-o report Sarin. Congrats Ashura, kalei and DOmi on your promo's.

The 72 hour LoA is actually for Sarin's vasectomy. Talk about a guy that takes the Rule of Two literally!


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