Combat Master Report


Combat Master Report

1 January 2009

Happy New Year, everyone! Things are moving along well in the ACC, and we have a couple of little things to announce.

Character Sheet Guide

Dalthid had actually created this only a few days after being asked back to help out in the ACC. It was hoped to release this in conjunction with a couple of other things, but since I don't know when those things will be released, I deicded to put it out now. A wiki page has been made and can be found HERE. Also, thanks to Shadow for sprucing it up a bit.

Although this guide is used as the basis for judging in the ACC, it is still a very useful tool to see how the CS operates and can interact with the fictional world in general. I'm sure a lot of you may be updating your CS' with this information now out.

Qualification Battles

We've had some very good activity for the qualification battles, with a lot of Clans really taking part in seeing their members get qualified. With roughly a month or so before the GJW, it's coming down to crunch time. Below were the general "rules" for Clans to help their members become qualified in the ACC

  • Pin numbers of both participants

  • Full names and the ranks of both participants

  • Weapons to be used by the participants

  • A venue to fight in (if no venue, we will decide at random)

Please send that information to myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Dalthid ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and we can get it opened for you. It's also a good idea to cc you opponent.

Remember, we are using the Old Character Sheets for these battles, and the final judgements will still be done by staff. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail

Custom Weapons

While a few people have submitted information to Dalthid and myself for Custom Weapons, we do not have access to the ACC site as of yet, which is why they are not up. When the problem is resolved we will be updating the Custom Weapon list, which can be found Here.

The information needed can be seen. An image is preferred along with it's name, weapon type(s) and a brief description of what the weapon does. If approved it will go up on that list and can be used in ACC battles, provided you have the necessary skill points in that weapon type.

Force Power Annotations

There was a vote with the staff and others on the Dark Council about the future of annotations in the ACC. It was agreed on by everyone to keep them with the new force powers. Especially now with so many varying powers, it will become very useful to see which powers are being used, and if they really are the "correct" powers. As such, Dalthid managed to put together a list of annotations for all the new powers (minus the Order Powers). You can find that list HERE. Once we have access, the ACC site will be updated so the same information is conveyed as it is now. We are also hoping to have the CS itself updated so that each power will also show their annotation.

New CS Use

There has been no final decision on this, but I don't see an official use of the CS before the GJW. The "main" portions of the ACC (Combat Centre, Jester's Keep, Consortium and Quick Skirmish) are closed for the time being, and won't be "open" again until after the GJW. However, the Clan Halls can still be used for training purposes, and in those cases the new CS could be used to try them out. However, everyone will be at the same point when the GJW comes along, so it will be those who are able to adapt to the new sheets who will find themselves succeeding.


I would just like to thank our small little group for the work they've put into it. Things are running smoothly because of them, and they've taken to helping out in other areas as well. We won't be adding to the staff until after the GJW, but I'm happy to see that's there's a solid foundation already in place.


I'm happy to see the direction things are going in. I would also like to take this opportnity to thank Dalthid for all of the work he's been putting in. Dalthid had been away for awhile, but when he was asked to come back and help in the ACC, he just ran with it and has been churning out a tremendous amount of work. While I'm the "face" of things, Dalthid is the true workhorse in this partnership, and without him much of the work that's been done would still be in construction. While he's not visible online that much, his work ethic should never be overlooked so if anyone does happen to catch him online, give him a big thanks.

In darkness,

DJM Halcyon Rokir

I think the CS Guide is actually pretty impressive. Nicely done, Dalthid.

Indeed, keep up the great work.

What happened/happens with my custom weapon/item thingy? Is that still legit?

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