Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Greetings Nightshade,

Sorry for the lateness of my report. I have been busy for New Years and from then on preparing for college and my birthday. Excuse my report for being random because I have had a really random and weird past few weeks.


~ Rebels have started an alliance within our system and it really would help if we all took some time to write about how we could destroy them or how they will overtake us.  Use the force if necessary.  Seriously though, it is impossible to not do something.  Short Stories, Long Stories, Gaming, ACC, and possibly poetry.  Even a trivia.  A wide variety of things can be done.  And if your parents want you to play outside, tell them it’s too cold and you need to help stop a rebellion.  And if you are parents tell your kids they need to play outside while you stop a rebellion.  And if you live alone, then tell your imaginary friends that they need to be quiet while you stop a rebellion (I know I did).  

Create a Force Power #2  

~ I received no entries for this competition :,(  

But I do hope that this means you all were preparing for the rebellion :D  

~~~Awards, Medals, and Achievements~~~  

Ginnafae ~ Crescent w/ Topaz Star  

~~~Ramblings of a Crazy Ithorian~~~  

PWN.  This is not only what we have to do in Rise of Rebellion but in the GJW too.  Let’s show Taldryan that they can’t always be number one (and let’s show there younger members that just because they are part of a Clan that usually wins doesn’t mean that they pwn too).  

~~~Quote of the Day~~~  

“According to [this] paragraph under [this] section, I am allowed to allocate a third party to arbitrate our dealings.  I choose the Gellarise.  Unfortunately they have a six month hibernation period going on so we will have to wait till then.”  

~Star Trek, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise D telling a superior alien race about laws that this race holds supreme (he has to do this in order to delay an evacuation of a planet this race wants to destroy)  

~~~Real Life with Scyrone~~~  

I started college, today is my birthday, I got lots of Star Trek DVDs and fifty bucks, I am officially in a band that is 15 hours away from me, and I am still making time for the DJB.  YAY!  Happy New Year!  

Your loving Commander,  

Luciferus “Scyrone” Leviathan  


HC of CSP  

Dark Jedi Knight  

Obelisk Centurion  

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