Aedile Report


Aedile Report



  • School is starting up again, so most are gone back to being extremely busy. I'm one of them.

  • The final part of Operation: Resurgence has begun; the run-on portion has started on the forums.

  • Some DB Fantasy Draft thingy Sklib is running is going on. Pester Sklib about it.

  • GJW is coming up. Make sure to participate in all the House and Clan compeitions.

  • Competitions are going on, DO THEM!

  • Jerse Remid is the Dark Fire Brigade Battleteam Leader.

  • Some people left, some people joined.

  • OE Chaosrain Taldrya got a Legion of the Scholar.

  • OP Vladet Xavier got a Legion of the Scholar as well.

  • GRD Seviss Nihilus Vaa went home with 5 Clusters of Fire.

  • ACO Melran Kutgana passed the Weapon Basics exam. Nice work.

  • No Promotions this week.

Lots of competitions happening in Dinaari and in Taldryan this week and month. Here's a sneak peek:

  • Obituary Challenge - Members will be provided an image of a deceased character from the Star Wars universe each week for three weeks. 4th Level Crescents will be awarded to the top three members each week who send in correct answers, judged by the time submitted. Instructions/Details:

  • Holiday Caption Contest - Run by JH Jerse Remid - Over the course of one month, there will be 4 rounds of funny SW/SW Holiday Picture posted on the Clan Taldryan Subforum of the Message Boards. Each round will feature 5 pictures that members of Taldryan will post a funny caption to. Each round will run for a week, with each round being rewarded. Instructions/Details:

  • Taldryan's Improv Comedy Show - The Improv Comedy Show is a simple forum-based competition designed for the members to have fun and joke around while increasing their activity on the Clan forums. Each week, Consul Shadow will start a new thread based on a type of improv and each person will have to post within the confines of the rules explained in that first post. Instructions/Details:

  • Operation: Resurgance - Clan Taldryan has been tasked with preventing the Vong from rallying at the Bakura System. This competition is geared towards preparing the members of Taldryan for the upcoming Great Jedi War. It will feature a cooperative Battle Plan event, skirmish-style ACC, regular DB gaming, and a Run-on. Instructions/Details:

  • Dark Brotherhood Fantasy Draft - Taldryans, the first Fantasy Draft is upon us! In this competition, members of Taldryan will each select a certain number of members from around the Brotherhood from a free agency list, then compete tournament-style to determine who knows who the most powerful Dark Jedi are! There will be three judges and a TBD number of participants. This will be done primarily on the forums, but IRC can be used for making trades, telling the commissioner your picks, etc. This is a single elimination tournament. More specifics will be given in a Clan email as soon as possible with all the details. Instructions/Details:

  • Clan Taldryan: NPC Originsb> - As part of our Fictional Discussion Group, Taldryan has created a list of NPC military leaders that serve as Admirals and Captains of our fleet. This competition is about creating a back story for these characters. Consul Shadow will create wiki pages for each character with some basic information. Take those vague details and create a fictional origin for as many of the NPCs as you wish. Make their histories interesting, but realistic for both the SW and, more importantly, DB universes. Try to make use of the Clan's many military-based wiki pages, or the SW wiki pages on Imperial and Republic officer training. Instructions/Details:

  • Clan Taldryan Trivia 2009 - A new year means a new year-long trivia competition request. Summit members of Taldryan will run a trivia competition over IRC or email every week or so. Instructions/Details:

Other Competitions of Note:

Remember, kids - participating in competitions means activity. Activity means awards and/or promotions. The more you do, the more it counts.

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