Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


I'm back from my LOA, the Holiday were good, and were a welcome break from school. Am back now though, the GJW is coming soon so be ready. Last comment, I have taken on the position of LHoJ but, don't worry it won't take away from anything I can do to help Sapphire Squadron.


Sorry Saloon Brawl

To determine which gaming member is, at the current time, the top that Naga Sadow has to offer; an all out brawl has begun.

You may fight anyone that is a fellow member of Clan Naga Sadow.

Each win is worth 2 points.

Each loss is worth 1 point.

The loser of the match will report the results as follows:

Dark Jedi In the Movies

The brand new 20-screen Naga Sadow Cineplex is about to open for business, but it needs some movies to show first! Use a graphics program to edit a movie poster to be appropriate for a Dark Jedi cinema or create a new movie poster of your own.

Also check out

-Sadow training

-Champion of Sadow

-CNS Game, Game, Game

-Design your own Starfighter

-Consul Stash Raid

-Sapphire BTL Trivia ** See bottom of this report**

Awards and Completed Training

Congrats Macron Goura Sadow on :

  • Your Dark Cross

    • Passing the Obelisk Core Course
    • Passing Dark Maven - Flight
    • Passing Dark Maven - Philosophy
    • Passing Krath Core Course


  1. Who is Luke Skywalkers father?

  2. What was the title of movie VI?

  3. Who was the actor who played Mace Windu?


Well that's it, remember GJW is coming soon.

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