Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

# House Exar Kun

Quaestor Report <-

-> ## House, Clan & Brotherhood News <-

Changes, and a lot of them. Plagueis recently went through a pretty big (read: huge) restructuring. So, to cap it all off:

  • Consul (CON): remains Braecen Kaeth

  • Proconsul (PCON): Alaris Jinn

  • House Satal Keto Quaestor (HSK QUA): Warhunter Arawn

  • House Satal Keto Aedile (HSK AED): Vivackus Kavon

  • House Exar Kun Quaestor (HEK QUA): Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia

  • House Exar Kun Aedile (HEK AED): remains Ralph Vundu

  • Clan Rollmaster (RM): Cethgus Kuga

Whew. With that out of the way, things will probably change even more, not on the personnel side, though, as we get closer to the all powerful Great Jedi War, a little on the House Exar Kun aspect of this in a while.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood, as a whole, also gives us news, but of stuff that doesn’t happen all too often. The Dark Brotherhood wiki is out of commission. Hopefully, Orv and the Seneschal (SCL) staff fix the wiki before too long.

Also, Raken, the Fiction Tribune (T:F) has released a report found here. Take a look at it, because it details the story behind the upcoming Great Jedi War.

-> ## House Direction <-

Because of the Great Jedi War, I want the house as a whole to being working as one. Ralph and I want everybody to get up, participate, and get yourselves ready for a few steady weeks of competitions, gaming, run-ons, and the ACC. I’ll hold a competition or two, so that you don’t have to go out looking for stuff, however, do not expect the medals back for them until after the GJW. Once it starts, I will be in full GJW mode – pushing you to do everything you possibly can, and doing whatever I possibly can.

With the GJW coming closer, I also want to talk with you all about the Battle Team Exar’s Shadow. I won’t be opening applications to the team until after the GJW, if at all. I do not think that there should be an even smaller part of the whole team. I’m not trying to put any of the members in the BT down, but for the GJW, I want everybody to work as a whole, and don’t want little groups running around trying to show that they are better. After the GJW, we will see what happens, but for now, the BT will sit without a commander.

Also, I want to bring the HEK and HSK closer. I have yet to speak with Warhunter about this, but I will. It is my feeling, and the feeling of many in the Plagueis summit that the closer HEK and HSK work together to achieve the goal of winning the GJW, the closer the Clan will be in reaching that goal. I want everybody to let grudges and rivalries go, and let unity thrive, at least until the end of the GJW. This goes along with Braecen’s motto of Together wE Achieve More (TEAM). :P

-> ## Closing Remarks <-

Well, there you go, my first House Exar Kun Quaestor report.

I’d like to thank Ralph Vundu for really holding down the fort when there was a missing Quaestor or two. He’s done an excellent job (even if he says he doesn’t). I’d also like to thank Cethgus Kuga (or is it Incendia Zor-El, or Incendia, or just plain Cethgus?) for the excellent job he did holding down the fort while Ralph was out for vacation. Checks in the mail to both of you (not really, I’m quite broke, sorry :P).

I just want to take a minute and explain how I run a house. This is not my house, by no means, shape, form, idea, whatever, it is not MY house. It is OUR house (in the middle of the street!). As such, I need to know how you guys feel about the goings on in the house. If something doesn’t work for you, or you don’t think something is being done the right way, let me know. I’m always open to suggestions, comments, critiques, outright cursing. It lets me know how you want something done, and I can work on bringing the house to that ideal.

Have a good week, don’t forget about the ICTE, and get active!

Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia


House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis

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