Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Hey Cestus,

From what I saw in my inbox, there was very good activity this past week. In the brotherhood, we all make it what it is. From our actions to our commitment, WE make Cestus the house it is. Speaking of activity, I would like to remind everyone to email Kaz, Ronovi & I when you submit to activity so we can record it. This is crucial, as activity is a core factor for all levels when it comes to promotions & awards.


1.”The Holoservers Stole It!” – (WRITING) – 1/25/2009


  1. [Cestus] Who fell first? – (WRITING) – Last Day (1/10)


Denzel to NOVICE


Jaron has been awarded a Legion of Scholar

Frosty has been awarded a Crescent with Amethyst Star

Frosty has been awarded a Cluster of Fire x22

Karel has been awarded a Cluster of Fire x3

Kazarelth has been awarded a Cluster of Fire x4

Shadow Academy:

Denzel has passed DB Basics

Huldrych has passed Freighters & Transport, General Leadership, Leadership Fundamentals & Starfighter Studies.

Jaron has passed General Leadership & Poetry

Ronovi has passed Sith Core & has been awarded the Dark Maven in Philosophy

Food for Thought:

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

   - Winston Churchill  

JH Vai Azexel


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