Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Disciples of the Rising Dragon

It's time for the Roll Masters report!


Draco Sangria to PRT.

Karean to ACO

We also welcome Penance who has just been promoted to APP

                         Shadow Academy  

Draco Maligo passed Hand to Hand Combat.

Yeldarb passed Clan Plagueis History

Karean passed Krath Grammar studies.

                             News and Notices  

Rise of a Rebellion (RoaR). I'd like to point out two of our Journeymen, Karean and Koryn. They've participated in several of the competitions. Timbal and RevX are also ACCing it and winning us lots of battles. Yay to all of them.

I know for a fact that we are coming first in at least gaming and quite possibly the ACC as well. Let's keep it up.

The M'Nars have transferred to Plagueis. I would like to publicly thank them, as despite knowing that they were going, they still submitted as much as the could when the had the option of just sitting back. They will always be welcome here.

Don't forget the survey. I may be wrong, but I believe 8 people have filled it in. This will help us with a HAD strategy and also make it a better place for you in the fuuture so please take the time to do it.

                                  Standing orders  

It's obvious. Do as much as you possibly can towards the RoaR. But enjoy it as well.

There is nothing else, nor will there be a trivia at the end of this report. Good Luck with the feud.

In Darkness

Kalak Ragnose

Roll Master of Acclivis Draco

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