Seneschal Report


Seneschal Report

<div class="header">## Seneschal Report

January 12, 2009


This new year has been quite busy for your new Seneschal! First order of business this year after my holiday break was to break the Wiki. 3,427 sunflower seeds later, 4.5 days, and 5 buckets of sweat later the wiki was back up. Thanks to Jac for speaking with support on my behalf; and especially thank you to everyone for not freaking out as much as I did.

<div class="divider">### News </div>

The GJW Approaches

I'm really psyched about this. I've been working hard on the GJW site, trying to make it look as sexy as possible and get all the content there. In the event that I am killed by a crazed Moose out here in New Hampshire mid GJW, I'm coding the site to deliver all the content on a timed basis so I won't need to manually update the site. w00t. Crazy coder-hating moose.

Updated About Page and More

Ok. This has been in place for a couple weeks, but hasn't been reported on by yours truly. We have a new and super sexy About Page for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Check it out if you haven't already.

The rewrite of that page is more than meets the eye. Thanks to the combined brainstorming of Kir, Karel, Jac, Muz, Shadow, and myself - we have some good ideas to increase the findability of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and hopefully gain new members (not that our old ones suck...we just want more cause we're greedy bastards). As time progresses, you may notice some page titles changing; some things becoming more descriptive; and filenames/links being updated. This is all part of the same effort.

<div class="divider">### Ye Olde SCL To Do List </div>

<span class="ul">GJW Site</span> <span class="status">(Status: 85%)</span>

As I said, I've been working a lot on the site and am pretty happy with the layout.

<span class="ul">Character Sheets</span> <span class="status">(Status: 89%)</span>

I'm still working on the Discipline system. I didn't do anything with it over the holidays.

<span class="ul">Security Audit</span> <span class="status">(Status: 100%)</span>

I've contacted the Clan Summits and have deleted a number of FTP accounts that were unneeded (and created a few extra).

<span class="ul">Directory Audit/Cleanup</span> <span class="status">(Status: 5%)</span>

There are a plethora of directories on the DJB site...many of which are no longer needed. Those will be archived away. The directories that are needed will receive some much needed Orv loving (a.k.a. organization).

<span class="ul">Fiction News</span> <span class="status">(Status: 70%)</span>

The SCL Office is working on a way to allow DJB sanctioned fiction that advances the DJB storyline to be posted similar to news. Semi-finished. Awaiting on review by Raken.

<span class="ul">Secret Project</span> - Codename: Huggabunch <span class="status">(Status: 50%)</span>

I started this project for a DC member when I was M:SCL. This will continue once the GJW is finished. w00t.

<span class="ul">Secret Project</span> - Codename: Bologna Sandwhich <span class="status">(Status: 0%)</span>

This is a project that I've been dying to sink my teeth in to for a long time. A lot of planning has been done by a number of DC members on this project already, but coding has not begun. This will be awesome. This will take a long time. It hasn't started yet, but will post GJW.

<span class="ul">Not-So-Secret Project</span> - Codename: I Love LAMP <span class="status">(Status: 2%)</span>

MySQL > SQL Server. PHP > ASP. Enough said. Stay tuned. This will be a sloooowww project with many baby steps. Karel and I have been rocking the house with this project. We're getting a number of backend scripts written to allow PHP to live in parallel with ASP on the main DJB site. In fact, we already have a few pages swapped over to PHP and live.

<div class="divider">### Miscellaneous Stuff The SCL Office Has Done </div>

Bug Fixes:

<li>Fixed a number of autocomplete textboxes that were busted on some admin pages.</li>

<li>Fixed the SA bug that was preventing the grading of tests.</li>

<li>Fixed the History Outline bug where history items would open then close immediately.</li>

<li>Fixed a number of Character Sheet layout bugs.</li>

<li>Fixed some random CSS annoyances all over the place.</li>

<div class="divider">### Real Life </div>

I've had family in town this past month, so I've been busy with them. Snow has been falling and that annoys me. I like eating Dots. My wrist strap on one of my Wii-motes broke and I now have the imprint of one on my ceiling in my living room. My daughter peed in her potty for the first time. Exciting.

<div class="divider">### Closing Remarks </div>

I have new robes on my Dossier (thanks Muz!) which he based off of my own drawing of my SCL robes:

<div style="text-align:center;"></div>

Thank you. That is all. Bork, bork, bork!

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