Aedile Report


Aedile Report

[The Sword's Sheath, 1130 hours, Conference Room 12]

An older gentleman in a crisp new red and black uniform stood at the head of a conference room table. His eyes scanned across the many empty seats. The Gladians who were present were in good spirits, talking and joking amongst themselves. The Aedile raised a hand to signal the start of the meeting, and the talking subsided.

"Shardara, will you stand up please?" The Aedile motioned to the young Dark Jedi, who raised a quizzical eyebrow, but complied. "Everyone, Shardara has been working very hard in the past several weeks. We have seen her rise through the ranks quickly from Apprentice to Novice to Acolyte. Today I wish to bestow upon her not only an elevation in rank, but a commitment to continued service and excellence: the rank of Protector."

The Aedile left his podium to circle the room to where Shardara was standing. Sitting next to her, Windos couldn't help but crack a smile. Handing Shardara a small box containing her new rank insignia, Scion continued his speech.

"You have by now shown your ability to perform the tasks assigned to you and to thrive in the environment of this House. Your next challenge will be to maintain your efforts as you continue to improve. I greatly anticipate the continuation of your path to becoming a Dark Jedi Knight."

Scion took a sip from his flask before continuing the meeting.

[Great Jedi War]

The Great Jedi War is basically, as somebody else put it, the Dark Brotherhood's Olympics. If you never do anything else, please do make an effort to participate when it starts up. Rumors have been flying around about a Clan being closed this time around, and all sorts of other nonsense, but don't let that distract you from the important thing: it is the biggest, best and most important competition there is in the Dark Brotherhood. Everybody is involved. The cost of failure is bigger, but the potential rewards are bigger too.

Real life always takes precedence over some online Star Wars club, but if you can find the time to play even one game or write just one page of fiction it will be much appreciated by everyone and it could win you a shiny medal for your trouble. The key to the Great Jedi War is participation. Even if you aren't the best, just give it a shot anyway. Try it. You'll like it.

[General Notes]

If you are a Journeyman and you don't know what you have left to do to earn your next promotion, please ask! Many of you are very close, and could earn it with only a couple hours of effort.

I am looking for fights in the ACC. Challenge me! If you need help qualifying, I'm happy to proofread your writing and help get you ready for it. Please also keep in mind that the ACC is still using the OLD character sheets. Hopefully they'll revise that policy soon!

If any Journeymen are interested in finding a Master to help guide you, please contact me by replying to this report and I will help you find somebody. The Master/Student Program (MSP) is by far the best way to become successful in the Dark Brotherhood. There is no substitute for having an experienced person dedicating their time specifically to help you be successful.

It works the other way around, too. If you are eligible to be a Master and you're looking for a student, please let me know and I'll see if I can find you one.


Please remember to let me know of anything you do that might count as activity. Don't worry about bothering me too much; it's my job to keep track of this stuff. Keep in mind that if you do something but you don't win any medals for it, I won't know about it unless you tell me. That includes ACC, wiki stuff, as well as submitting to competitions. Awards are tied to participation and it all still counts even if you don't win.

Activity in House Gladius for the past week has been as follows.


KAP Apollo:

Various QUA duties

OP Windos Helkin Tarentae:

Various BTL duties

01/06/2009 - BTL Report

01/06/2009 - Order change to Obelisk

01/08/2009 - Completed Old Republic History SA Course

01/09/2009 - Completed Astronomy SA Course

01/10/2009 - Completed ACC battle with Huldrych

01/11/2009 - Completed IRC Basics SA Course

01/11/2009 - Completed ACC battle with Shardara

01/12/2009 - Applied for P:HM position

JH Dralin Hakh'khar:

01/06/2009 - Participated in Gladius Poetry

JH Scion Altera:

Various AED duties

01/05/2009 - Aedile Report

JH Balia Donos:

Various RM duties

01/06/2009 - Competition Approved: Gladius Poetry

01/12/2009 - Completed ACC Qualification

PRT Shardara:

01/08/2009 - Completed Krath Core SA Course

01/08/2009 - Competition Approved: Ultimate Female Jedi

01/09/2009 - Completed Krath Poetry SA Course

01/10/2009 - Won Scroll of Foundation for 2000th SA course

01/10/2009 - Completed IRC Channel Operator SA Course

01/11/2009 - Promoted to Protector

01/11/2009 - Completed ACC battle with Windos

01/11/2009 - Completed Training Saber SA Course

01/11/2009 - Completed Advancement Survey SA Course


In Darkness,

Scion Altera

JH Scion "Firebird" Altera (Sith)/AED/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: CL:1]



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