Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


_SBM Odin Vaaj Corsair

Quaestor of House Tridens

House Tridens

Clan Tarentum_


Tridens Quaestor Report Section A : Important News**

Evening Tridens,

Right, it has been a while since my last report, yeah that was caused by the new adjustment of my real life schedule of the hospital work. I hope you guys all had happy holidays and ready to fill the new year with progress and better activities in your life (Well, I didn't have such luxury holidays though, in regards to my work, but that was such devotion to my duty and I didn't regret it). 2009, I hope we will have and provide better performance as well to our house and clan.

There will be two sections of my report. Section A : some important news I will provide today. Section B : Overall statistics will follow next (I am working as fast as I can on this section). Now we will go to the section A.


  1. DB Site is down, stay away from djb.com until further notice. However the DJB wiki (http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page) and the Forum (http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/forum/index.php?) are still functional. Only these two. Other branches of djb.com (like Shadow Academy, ACC etc are still under fixing).

Hope it gets better soon.

  1. As stated by Anshar in his Clan Notes (from GM Sarin's announcement), the Great Jedi War will be hopefully started on March 1, 2009. Is that the sure date? I am not so sure, but I will inform again if there is a change on it.


  1. The mailing list ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) is now moderators only. This new policy starts today as instructed by the Clan Summits.

  2. Discussions will go to the forum. If you have any questions regarding the House, place them here (http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5618)

  3. Pre GJW AWOL check is complete and the result will go to the clan summits. Have further notice about this in the Section B of Quaestor Report.

  4. Activity is always emphasized and encouraged to all members, either coming from the new ones or the veterans. For the veterans, your activities will help the young ones much as paragon. All activities are tracked and audited.

  5. Tridens has a new addition. Welcome to KE Jondaar Domi. He was the eighth Quaestor of Tridens. Glad to see you back, Domi. Welcome home!

  6. ACO Noctis Lucis Caelum has been promoted to PRT and enters the Master Student Pairing Program, under the tutelage of DA Korras Tarentae. This pairing has been approved by the Clan Summits. Good luck to you, Noctis and congratulations!

  7. Some people wonder about GJW. What is the GJW? Quoting from the Wiki : A Great Jedi War (GJW) is a club-wide vendetta comprised usually of several smaller events that tie together into an overall storyline. Clans battle against clans for awards decided by the Dark Council. In Brotherhood history, there has been eight Great Jedi Wars thus far.

You can look at glance of what the GJW looks like by seeing the documents in GJW 7.zip. They were saved from http://gjw.darkjedibrotherhood.com.

  1. Training on JA or JO is still going. Find Archean, Ma'ar, Sephiroth, Frosty, Dox, and blade in IRC for the practice and tutoring.



1. Title: The examination to the Vong


Yuuzhan Vong, the assailant that have taken over most parts of the galaxies until the end of the 29 ABY are still such mysterious race, especially about their Force void characteristics. Last year, we have suffered in a war against them, even if our clan territory was still "safe" from their assault, the main DB star system fell on their grip.

As now, following the winning of the Galactic Alliance, wars of independence, taking liberties over the Vong are the main focus in the Core Worlds and the neighbors. However, Vong factions are not such easy race to surrender.

Thus, in some restricted missions, the house sent you to :

A. Capture a Vong or some (max 2 captives, dead or alive (any possible castes)) and bring him/them to base

B. Examine the captured Vong in the examination room, to find something beneficial in order support our aims to defeat them

You can write both stories, each will have their winners. Minimum one page to explain your mission details and strategy. The target can be taken in any world that are previously the Vong's territory.

The story will be judged based on the realism and details. Further references will be delivered in the mailing list

Yuuzhang Vong Information :

End Date: 1/25/2009, extended until Sunday, February 1, 2009

Unit in Competition: House Tridens

Platforms: Writing

Awards: Fourth Level Crescents

Comments: Send the story to me : [Log in to view e-mail addresses] only

2. Title: Fiction with a twist

Specifics :

Subject: minimal two page fiction, subject can be determined by the writer, but must include the following words:

Applepie, Ruins, Ewok, Desk, Indexfinger, Credits, Low-yield explosive, Remote Control.

It will be graded on readibility, grammar, humour and creativity with including the above words.

End date : January 31, 2009

Awards: 4th level crescents

Comments : Send the story to Korras : [Log in to view e-mail addresses] only


1. Title : GJW Puzzle

Specific : read the plot updates on the message boards (http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5260), though not everything comes from there. A few questions relate to info about the clans.

Attached you will find a crossword puzzle in a .jpg format. You have one week to return the results to me (next Friday). While I would prefer to see the actual filled in crossword, I will accept answers like a trivia session. Of course, they'll still have to fit into the crossword puzzle. There are no "close enough" answers here. Speed and accuracy will determine the winners.

End Date : January 23, 2009

Platform : Writing, Jpeg

Comment : The Crossword attached (GJW prep crossword.jpg). Send the answer to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] only

2. Title : The Holoservers Stole It!

Specific :It's basically a fun little exercise in imagination by creating an excuse about how the DJBWiki was deleted like you're the guilty culprit trying to get away with it with a crazy story (I'm mainly putting this down due to the condition of the Brotherhood website). The deadline is January 25th, which is still a while from now, but I wanted to make some points about it since the guidelines appear pretty rigid.

First of all, the submission can be a story. It can have dialogue, characters, action, etc., so long as it's tied in with the actual joke. If you write an epic story and pretty much end it with, "And that's how the DJBWiki died, seriously" or whatever, it's good as long as the excuse part is slightly relevant. Second of all, I will be lenient with the two page minimum; I mainly put that up there to get you guys to focus on more than one page. But with the GJW coming up, I don't want you guys fretting over what is supposed to be a fun competition.

End Date : January 25, 2009

Platform : Writing

Comment : Send your writing to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


This will end the Section A. Further news of past competitions and house activity records and statistics will be presented in the Section B. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or to the AED Tlaloc Elols ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) or RM Cypha ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). Don't use the mailing list, because it's moderator only now.

See you soon, and do the comps!!

Have a great day!


SBM Odin Vaaj Corsair

(Sith)/QUA-EP/Tridens of Tarentum [GMRG: IND] [ACC: CL:3]

GC / SC-SoF / AC-ToSC / DC-CP / SN / BN / Cr-1D-1R-5A-16S-16E-7T-3Q / PoB-BL / CF-GoF / DSS-AuL / SI-BL / SoF / SoL / LS-PL / S:-20D-3Do-5Dk-6Rm-12P



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