Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Greetings, Cestus! This is Ronovi with the latest. I am also CC-ing this report to the Clan Tarentum google group as it pertains to the clan-wide competition I approved last week.

First of all, "The Holoservers Stole It!" is the recent clan-wide competition; it's basically a fun little exercise in imagination by creating an excuse about how the DJBWiki was deleted like you're the guilty culprit trying to get away with it with a crazy story (I'm mainly putting this down due to the condition of the Brotherhood website). The deadline is January 25th, which is still a while from now, but I wanted to make some points about it since the guidelines appear pretty rigid.

First of all, the submission can be a story. It can have dialogue, characters, action, etc., so long as it's tied in with the actual joke. If you write an epic story and pretty much end it with, "And that's how the DJBWiki died, seriously" or whatever, it's good as long as the excuse part is slightly relevant. Second of all, I will be lenient with the two page minimum; I mainly put that up there to get you guys to focus on more than one page. But with the GJW coming up, I don't want you guys fretting over what is supposed to be a fun competition. Anyway, now that that's out of the way, be sure to send your submissions to my address, [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Not a lot's been happening in Cestus in the past few days and that's fine. We're all pretty much preparing for the GJW or focusing on real life and such. Just remember that once the war does come around, I'm sure we all want to kick major ass as the mighty Fist of Tarentum. My advice, again, is not to pull any punches; give it all you got, do your best, and don't hold back. We can't just be assertive in this GJW; in order to do well, we need to be aggressive.

I'm also doing this report earlier in the week than usual because I'll be without internet access for most of the weekend; I'll be spending time with my family up north and currently I am commemorating my grandmother's life with some relatives of mine. Feel free to e-mail me or find me on IRC any time before Friday; my responses to later e-mails will be delayed until after the weekend, obviously. Though I'm not expecting any frantic e-mails any time soon. :P

Anyway, off I go to entertain the cousins. You guys have a great weekend.

-DJK Ronovi Tavisaen (Obelisk)/AED/Cestus of Tarentum

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