Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Rollmaster report

The Zabrak stood there in his quarters he had been spending the whole day working on Rollmaster things, but now he had decided that it was time that he spent with his new wife, as he lay the table out he knew how precious time had been between both of them. As they sat down it seemed so long since they had last done this together, and they had to admit that the whole moment was something that both of them missed. But in the times that were coming up it would be harder for them to spend time together.

As the two of them eat and spent time together conversations grew and went, the night began to pass to each of them. As Octavia let herself off to bed the Obelisk went back to his office, it pained him to leave her this time of night, but it was things that had to be done. As he arrived back at his office he started to begin work on everything that he had to get down, which was becoming far and few things, the prelate smiled as he realised that this was going to be good that he might be able to get all the work done.



OMG THE SITE IS DOWN!!!!! Well don't panic because if you still want to do something, I suggest that you look at working on your wiki page. It is available to work on and you can start your wiki page, add onto it, or to be honest just make sure that it is looking great. And also we do have the forum's if anyone wishes to go onto them and post things, I know this is a great way to keep up communicating with people, and it is just another way of fun. But that is all up to you. I am just saying what you would be able to do.

Clan Master and Student Pairings:

Cethgus – Cern, Cassie

Braecen – Kodais, Mehrunes

Yzarc – Ralph, Vorn

Kara - Khioo

Ky – Brema

Kal – Mograine

Impetus - Octavia

Ood – Killer

I hate to say it but this report is really short but why is that , well it is because the site is currently at the moment down, and I will most likely. get all of you bigger and better reports when I start to have the site back up.

Cethgus out

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