Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


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Evening Tridens,

As this one is another breaking news, I'll go concise and to the point about the news.

Here we go.

Part B Report

I will release it this weekend, since it needs some additional consultation first about some part of it before released to you. For most parts it has been done and compiled since my time as Aedile in March 2008 and continued as Quaestor in July 2008 until now. So, yeah, kinda an annual report added with this month coverage.

Bacta Tank on the DB Site

The DB site is still down and it is still signed with the bacta tank image. Once the backup is done by the Seneschal and crews, the image will be replaced by the real DJB website.

Activities Continue

Even if the DB site is still down, activities continue. Competitions are still launched, games in gaming nights or ICTE are still performed in the servers, all activities are recorded and evaluated. There are two house wide comps now for you to grab.


  1. Title: The examination to the Vong


Yuuzhan Vong, the assailant that have taken over most parts of the galaxies until the end of the 29 ABY are still such mysterious race, especially about their Force void characteristics. Last year, we have suffered in a war against them, even if our clan territory was still "safe" from their assault, the main DB star system fell on their grip.

As now, following the winning of the Galactic Alliance, wars of independence, taking liberties over the Vong are the main focus in the Core Worlds and the neighbors. However, Vong factions are not such easy race to surrender.

Thus, in some restricted missions, the house sent you to :

A. Capture a Vong or some (max 2 captives, dead or alive (any possible castes)) and bring him/them to base

B. Examine the captured Vong in the examination room, to find something beneficial in order support our aims to defeat them

You can write both stories, or just one mission, each will have their winners. Minimum one page to explain your mission details and strategy. The target can be taken in any world that are previously the Vong's territory.

The story will be judged based on the realism and details. Further references will be delivered in the mailing list

Yuuzhang Vong Information :

End Date: February 1, 2009 (this Sunday)

Unit in Competition: House Tridens

Platforms: Writing

Awards: Fourth Level Crescents

Comments: Send the story to me : [Log in to view e-mail addresses] only

2. Title: Fiction with a twist

Specifics :

Subject: minimal two page fiction, subject can be determined by the writer, but must include the following words:

Applepie, Ruins, Ewok, Desk, Indexfinger, Credits, Low-yield explosive, Remote Control.

It will be graded on readibility, grammar, humour and creativity with including the above words.

End date : February 1, 2009 (this Sunday)

Awards: 4th level crescents

Comments : Send the story to Korras : [Log in to view e-mail addresses] only

We strongly encourage you to do the comps, since especially the Vong one, I haven't received any submissions so far. I hope Yuuzhan Vong won't beat you in the mission, or do they?? Go, tell me your story and... oh to Korras too about his Ewok and applepie story!

Have a great day!


SBM Odin Vaaj Corsair

(Sith)/QUA-EP/Tridens of Tarentum [GMRG: IND] [ACC: CL:3]

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