Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Rollmaster Report:

As the Prelate walked into a training room, he looked at all of the younger members fighting out against each other. In these times they needed to be the very best if they were going to survive. He watched them all continue to fight, as he walked past a pair he knew oh to well, he stopped and looked at them before his voice spoke out allowed. “You two are like kids, this is not playtime this is combat training” pushing the cat like female aside the Prelate stood in front of Sang and watches him attack, blocking just like the others.

As they all practised he continued to do so with Sang, he brought his leg up and kicked the Novice down to the ground before placing Aeshi back into the combat practise with the others. As he watched them start back at the combat everyone had to learn quickly, and if he was going to admit something, they were doing a good job at learning to fight. As he walked away, he continued to inspect everyone who was fighting, looking at each of them and making sure they were all giving their best for this. It wouldn’t be long before they were ready for combat.



Right, first of all if you haven’t seen your email, the db website is back up and running which means that none of you have the excuse to not do work now. So let’s knuckle down and work hard on getting everything improved for the GJW that will be coming soon.

Ok, next important answer is that what is going on with the GJW, well as you have noticed there have been captains of subject set up. I would recommend that everyone get the chance to ask the captains as much as you can before the GJW starts, get practise in and make sure that you are truly at the top of the game when the GJW starts.

And for the next news, I would like to continue to say that master and students always come forward, I am willing to pair people up you should you wish to be a master or student and have found the right person for you. Just come and see me and all of that will be sorted out.


Ok with the first of this because the site has been down I know that most of you haven’t had the time to do things to achieve medals. But let’s keep the work up and I know that we can get a lot more, so keep aiming to participate in as much as we can, and I know for a fact that we will be able to get medals, and prove ourselves. Keep up the good work and the following medals were done now the site is back:

Kyrth- Crescent with Emerald Star, Crescent with Sapphire Star


Now the site is back for everyone that has been saying that they need promoted, we will now be looking at it and seeing if you really do need to get promoted. So don’t worry we are doing the work that is needed. I will make sure that we are getting to it, and for everyone who has just began to do the work, that will be available now the site is back, we will be making sure that you are continuing on the right path to being promoted. So keep up the good work.


Well what can I say about this, after all my reports I can continue to remind everyone that you still have time to qualify in the ACC. If you wish to have a qualify match then feel free to email someone in asking them to qualify with you, I am sure most people will be able to have fun in participating in the ACC. If you have any questions feel free to email.

Serving in Darkness

Cethgus Kuga

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