Consul Report


Consul Report

Consul Report during DB downtime


Clan Plagueis,

I have been putting this report off due to the inaccessibility of the web site; however, I have some stuff to say... and this is the best forum for me to say it. Also, it generally means I get everyone to peruse at least the first couple of paragraphs! :-p

Clan News

In case you have been hiding in a hole for the past several weeks... we have announced Team Captains. These individuals will be your point of contact for questions, concerns, ideas, critique... et cetera, et cetera. They also have their appointed Lieutenants to assist, in the hopes that turn-time will be exceptionally quick. But do remember, they are all human and attempting to make their own mark in the Great Jedi War, as well.

Antei Combat Center Captain: Obelisk Prelate Alaris Jinn

General Fiction Captain: Sith Knight Vivackus Kavon

General Gaming Captain: Obelisk Prelate Cethgus Kuga

Miscellaneous Captain: Obelisk Prelate Yzarc Rellik Kaeth di Plagia

Run-On Captain: Obelisk Templar Warhunter Arawn

I have also heard some questions about Chain of Command during the Great Jedi War; especially concerning Quaestor/Aedile versus Captain/Lieutenant. The Captain and Lieutenant positions were created for one purpose: to assist the Clan Plagueis war effort. Keyword being, of course, assist. As long as I am around, our Chain of Command will always be AED --> QUA/RM --> PCON --> CON.

As such, if someone is getting frisky with you... do not tell them off, politely excuse yourself from the conversation and come to me. A large part of my role during the war is making sure we do not let our energy turn malicious. The GJW is meant to be a joyous event that measures each clan by their individual member's efforts. Of course, after six weeks... everyone gets a little snappy... lets try not to get in that rut.


A sneak peek at the Great Jedi War competitions? No. To prepare you for the upcoming challenges you will be facing, the Captains will be issuing a series of challenges/competitions to help you prepare. You should see more details on this in the forthcoming day or two. Do not worry about the awards right now, I promise once the site returns we will get it sorted out. Your efforts will be awarded.

If you do not see anything from your respective Captains - Alaris, Vivackus, Yzarc and Cethgus - you have my permission to also spam their inboxes until they release something. An aside, Yzarc really digs the underage teenage girl sites... while Alaris prefers the ones with men. I'll give a Cr-T to someone that makes one of them come to me and say "OMG!"... I'm just saying.

The Message

Attitude. It requires an outrageous amount of calm and perseverance to go non-stop through an entire Great Jedi War. As such, I have told more than one person to have a primary goal, a secondary goal and a tertiary goal.

Each member of Clan Plagueis has the same primary goal: complete the weekly fictions and make one post (a week) in the clan run-on. This basic goal ensures that we show up and do not finish last. It is the minimum effort I hope to see from every member.

Each member is empowered to have an additional, or secondary, goal, as well. This goal can be worked in/around/after/before completion of the primary goal. Just remember to make time to complete the primary goal. For Alaris and I, our secondary goal will be the Antei Combat Center. For Cethgus and Kara, it will be representing the Clan in gaming. For Yzarc and Ood, it will be to complete the Miscellaneous category events. If we complete our primary and find success (through participation) in our secondary goals.. our clan has a legitimate shot at the top three clans.

Should a member find themselves able to complete their primary objective, satisfy their secondary goal... and still have time left over. I ask that they take a tertiary goal: help where help is needed. This means if you have knocked everything out in the first few days... contact the Consul. I am a very diligent man when it comes to tracking our progress and efforts. Probably because I ask every member to carbon-copy me on everything they do (to manually track). I will direct you to where the Clan needs your effort/support. Generally, specific surges in activity in areas can move us from Third Clan to Second Clan... if enough support is given... who knows?


As always, if you have questions or concerns about the GJW... I am available via IRC and e-mail. I give longer, detailed answers via e-mail... you get inebriated, shortened versions on IRC. Pick your poison.

Also, as an FYI... Alaris and I will both have some downtime in the GJW. Alaris has some wisdom teeth getting cut out and I have a cruise. Do not worry, we are preparing for these eventualities. Hence, why I do not have a Captain tag (its more like General for our purposes)... so I can move around freely and help wherever needed. And if I am not around... well... then real work can be done :-p

Thank you for your time and attention, folks!

I am, your servant,

Braecen Kaeth

Consul of Clan Plagueis

Safeguarder of Sheep

Braecen Kaeth (Dark Side Adept) / CON-EP / Clan Plagueis

[GMRG: RG3-G] [KSoE:FE] [ACC: CE:3]

RS / AK / SB / GC-PoDP / SC-SoA / AC-RoF / DC-GP / GN-BL / SN-BL / BN-BL / Cr-3D-12R-24A-32S-15E-11T-6Q / PoB-AgL / CF-PlF / DSS-PL / SI-AuL / SoF-AgL / SoL-BE / LS-GL / S:-2R-18Al-19D-7Dk-9P


You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be...

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