Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Greetings all, we are now in the 3rd week of the Great Jedi War and from what I have seen there is again many activities that we all can be a part of. Let’s keep up the activity level as much as we can and do our part in ensuring first place for Clan Tarentum. No speeches this week, we all know what is at stake. We’ve all read the words from our Aedile and we need to continue moving forward and staying active.

This weeks chapter of the story was again brilliantly done as we all know, atleast those who read it, that Crask was a former Sith and what a familiar green frog would say “once you fall down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.”

Now, on with the report:

9th Great Jedi War Competitions:

Fiction Events:

  1. Fiction Writing: Chasing the Ghost (due April 4 – 11:59 EST)

Describe the rescue of a clan mate from the Jedi and the circumstances surrounding the rescue. This event will run for two weeks.

  1. Poetry - Helpless (due April 4 -11:59 EST)

Write a poem reflecting your character's feelings from the moment of his/her capture by Crask through the conclusion of the incident. Is your character converted? Do you resist? Does Crask find you unworthy? It is highly recommended that you read the Week 3 GJW fiction before writing for this event.

  1. ACC Event: Heat of the Moment

Standard 1v1 ACC event, participants must sign up and are then randomly paired to complete assigned objectives.

  1. Run-on Event: Orders

Miscellaneous Event:

  1. Graphics Event - "Know Your Enemy"

Create a character image for Crask based on his description in Week One fiction. Be detailed and include multiple views; head, body, etc.

  1. Shadow Academy Event

Members will earn points for all of the Shadow Academy "Dark Side Degrees" they complete throughout the duration of the GJW.

Puzzles & Games

  1. Trivia Event: Briefings

Each week will consist of 20 multiple choice questions concerning topics directly relevant to the Great Jedi War.

  1. Code Breaking Event - "Ambush"

The code breaking represents a member of each Clan who is engaged in a duel.

Gaming Events

  1. "Elimination"

1v1 gaming ladder - however, when you accrue 3 losses on the ladder, you are eliminated from the event. There will be two ladders for this event - one for JK/JO/JA/XvT/XWA, and another for BF/BF2/EAW/RC. Each member is permitted three losses on each ladder before they are eliminated. These 3 losses could come in many forms (examples - 2 JK 1 JO, or 3 BF, or 1 BF 1EaW 1RC, etc).

  1. “Mistaken Identity”

3v3 gaming event which will run for the entire duration of the GJW.


APP Garon (3/26)

Shadow Academy:

Ronovi passed Old Republic History

Vai passed Runon Studies

Tanknoord passed Lightsaber Studies

That’s it for this weeks Rollmaster’s Report, continue being involved in the GJW as much time as you can spare.

JH Vai Azexel

Rollmaster, House Cestus

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