Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The Great Jedi War is going extremely well. We just entered week three, after what looks to be an encouraging week. Results have not been released yet, but we are very optimistic. Keep working hard, guys, the war is far from over, but our effort has been stellar. Arc0wnage!


Fictional Information

The war machine is rolling forward. Check out the plotline on the GJW website at Go visit the forums and get involved in the run-on, or do some gaming in the name of Arcona.



-The run-on is an important part of the GJW, and we could definitely use a few more people being more active in it. Qel-Droma’s own Arcturus has taken the lead in coordinating the run-on, so email him if you have any questions about it.

-GJW Week 3 “Chasing the Ghost” fiction due on April 4th at midnight.

-GJW Week 3 Trivia due April 4th at midnight.

-Be sure to congratulate Strategos, who was recently appointed interim-Proconsul until the end of the war. Also, thank Vorion for his admirable service.

-Also, congratulate Timeros, who was appointed the new Aedile of Galeres just a few hours ago.

-Read the main page every day, the Dark Council is releasing new updates about the Great Jedi War as we go.

-GJW Shadow Academy event is ongoing, pursue those degrees!

-Lots of gaming events and awards to be had, check those out on the website.

-And do not forget about the ACC event, co-op concluded recently and we are now going full scale 1v1. Check it out, get involved.


Awards and Shadow Academy

-Etah passed the Chamber of Justice exam

-Etah obtained his Dark Savant: Leadership and Communication!!

-Mist passed Old Republic History

-Mist passed Clan Arcona History

-Mist passed Force Philosophy

-Mist passed IRC Basics

-Shadow Stalker passed Weapons Basics

-Mist passed ACC Initiates

-Shadow Stalker passed Sith Core

-Kant Lavar passed General Leadership

-Etah passed Krath Poetry

-Etah passed Krath Grammar

-Etah passed Run-on studies

-Etah obtained his Dark Maven: Writing!

-Arcturus passed Krath Grammar

-Mist passed Sith Alchemy

Excellent work so far guys, but we seem to be lagging behind a bit in the Shadow Academy event. We are currently in fourth place overall, with Zandro being third in the individual standings. If we could get a few more people passing courses and snagging degrees, we could be right near the top.


Promotions and Roster Changes

-Welcome Damos!

-Welcome Drakus Payne!

-Welcome Byzan!


Competition Links

Great Jedi War Fiction.

Great Jedi War Misc Events

Great Jedi War Trivia .

<big>Thanks guys. Have fun, and stay tuned for the next report in two weeks. Arc0wnage!</big>


KP Legorii Kryotek Entar (Krath) /AED-EP-Wiki/ Qel-Droma of Arcona [ACC: CL:1]

AC-ToSH / DC-SP / Cr-1D-5R-12A-9S-4E-4T-2Q / CF-GF / DSS-AgL / SI / SoF / SoL / LS-AgL / S:-27Rm-1P

{SA: MVN – DML - DMW - DMP - DMH - DMF - DSLC - DSWP} (8893)

Former Prodigy of Galeres, Former Tetrarch of Dark Orb, Aedile of Qel-Droma

Loyal Apprentice of Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae and Master of Arador (10203)


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