Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Aedile report #12!

It has been a good bit since you last read a report, as Vodo missed one and I am running late on this one! So bare with me as I relay to you the facts of Ektrosis and it's play during the GJW in a quick report =]

-- Taldryan is #2 in the GJW! Yep, that's right. In only the third week, we are the one Clan that has kept its course dead straight ahead and only getting better. All of the other clans have either dropped the ball or are just too tired out by now. Now is our time to get 1st!

-- Week '2' (Really week 3) is over now, and week '3' (Really week 4) has begun! Time to get your act in gear and get those submissions in! I want to see my inbox flooded with participation emails!

-- Participate participate participate!

-- The GJW plot that Raken has written only gets better and better as each week a new chapter of the plot is released. Something exciting is going to happen in the next chapter, I can feel it. So stay tuned!

--There have been a bunch of SA courses past and dark degrees handed out, but my ATR did not save correctly upon my last few edits, so I only have the courses from a few weeks ago. All that is needed to know though, is that there was a bunch of courses passed! =]

I cannot press you all more than to get out there and participate in the GJW. There are so many events you can do, each of which don't take that much time to do. Currently, I am working on the ACC aspect of things and with my hectic week now ended, I will attempt to get to the RO and get my fiction going.

A good way to make sure you get stuff done is to pace yourself. Chose 3 events form all of the categories and label them from 1-3, with #1 being the one you will concentrate the most on. Once you have #1 down and you have submitted (Or gamed), then move onto #2, and carry on like this until the end of the week. I hope that helps some. Here is the link to the GJW 9 events, enjoy!

As for promotions/awards, the only way you will get awarded from the GJW is if you are active, especially for you that are Journeymen or Equites. You won't get promoted or get a nice shiny award just because your clan won the GJW. You need to get in there and show us, the Summit, that you have what it takes to get that reward. And trust me, it is evident to us who is deserving of such a reward.

As for now, that is it. Ta ta for now, tee tee for then.

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