Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Disciples of the rising Dragon

AED report time! You won't be getting any report fictions until the end of the Great Jedi War.

News and Notices

GJW9. Enough said

A new order. The Grand master in his wisdom has decided to make the losing clan a light Jedi Clan. I’ve had word from Kir that transfers out of that clan will not be allowed. I seriously don’t want to end up a Light Jedi, that’s the exact opposite of why I joined. If we lose, you’ve lost me, I’ll go to the Rogues. But that won’t happen, because we are going to win the Great Jedi War. We need to push hard.

A friend of mine, Legorii has just taken over as Quaestor of House Quel-Droma. This doesn’t affect you, but I wanted to publicly wish him the best of luck. He’s a good sort.

Consul Thran Occasus has just been promoted to Sith Warlord. Be sure to congratulate him.

#acclivisdraco. Since I joined the HAD summit, I've seen an increase in the number of people on it. Now, all we need to do to get it registered. How do we do that? Well, more of you need to come on and you all need to be registered with Cservice.

Big thanks to Korroth Karn for his work in the GJW SA event, Yeldarb and Draco have also been great in that area. Dark Jedi Master Natth’aNiel has been submitting and posting in the RO like mad. Remember to fill in that form that’s been released, designed by my counterpart in HDS, Robin Hawk. Otherwise, I won’t know how to reward you ;).

There’s a poll running, courtesy of Kir. Go and vote.

GJW Direction

-The Run-on needs more writers, it’s stagnating at the moment. I’ve sent my post of to be reviewed, and if anyone wants me to check theirs, feel free to send it to me. We need to get back to dominating.

-Gaming is apparently floundering a bit. So much so that I’ve jumped in and lost all my battles so far. Gaming isn’t my strong point, but participation counts. If you have JA/JO EaW or X-wing, then hop into #dbgaming. Credit goes to RevengeX who placed in the top 10 for skirmish 1.

-I’d like to point out the poetry event. You can do a simple line poem like this one

How many enemies have fallen to our sabers

Advancing the great cause

Death has no hold on us, our task will be fulfilled.

 That’s just an example, on a random topic.  

-Participation. It’s key. I don’t care if you don’t place, you’ll still have participated and have done your bit. Give it your best shot, every entry you submit counts for CSP.

Rant time

Don't worry, you lot aren't coming under fire, though any journalist amongst you may feel a little offended. I was reading a book earlier, and a phrase came up that seems to be popping up with increasing frequency in today's society. " The Public have the right to know." This was a journalist talking about how he was going up to see a dead boy's parents. No. The public have absolutely no right at all to intrude into a parents grief. Personally, I'd like to be left alone to grieve in private, rather than have it exploited in order to tabloid papers (without morals) to make money from. We have no right to know how someone feels after a relative has died. I mean, the media make the public out to have a morbid fascination. It's not right, it's absolutely immoral. If a journalist ever comes up to me and says that, he'll leave with bruises.

This won't be a regular feature, I just got a little worked up by it :P

In Darkness

Kalak Ragnose

Aedile of Acclivis Draco

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