Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Rollmaster Report

Dragon Citadel, Antenora, 1300 Hours Local Time.

Koryn slumped back in his chair, seated behind his desk. It seemed that the paperwork had stacked up while he was away. The boma that he had taken as a pet since the journeymen trapped it in his office ambled over to him, evidently delighted to be in his presence once more. The Rodian wearily stroked its rubbery head and closed his eyes. After a month and a half of fighting on Antei, he was exhausted. Adrenaline and the Force had kept him going on the ravaged planet and he was only now beginning to feel the effects of fatigue.

He drifted off into a slumber, the boma licking his hand, begging for attention that couldn’t be given immediately. The olive green creature barked as a beeping emanated from somewhere in the room; Koryn slept though both the beeping and the barking. Nothing was going to wake him for hours.

When the Rodian finally awoke, the boma had lay down at his feet and fallen asleep itself. He had not had his eyes open for more than a minute when his commlink beeped once more. In a tired stupor, he answered it to the voice of Tra’an: “You’ve had it too easy for too long. Report!” Koryn sighed and opened a channel to the House.

Children of the Rising Dragon,

Welcome to the greatest show in the galaxy!

Rollmaster Report

The GJW is over. After almost two months of competition, we will soon find out whether our Clan has been named First Clan of the Brotherhood. We just have to be patient until Muz, Kir and the team grade the ACC and run ons. So don’t spam their inboxes asking when the results will be released. Thanks to everyone who submitted to at least one event. You will be awarded for your participation.

Thran has received the greatest honour our Clan can bestow. Congratulations to the new Son of Palpatine!

Muz is now accepting applications for Deputy Grand Master. If you are serious about applying, send all applications to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Applications will be accepted until May 3rd.

Dante has stepped down from the position of Gaming Tribune to focus on his duties as Proconsul of our Clan. Thanks go out to him for all of his hard work in the position. Applications for the position are not being taken at the moment, but if you are interested, get them prepared sooner rather than later.

As of now, Tra’an is issuing an AWOL check. If you do not show some level of activity, or at least email Tra’an, Kalak, or myself, your name will be sent to Kaek to be transferred to the Rogues list.

Rollmaster Report_Promo_Award

Congratulations to RevengeX Palpatine for a well-deserved Seal of Loyalty!

Congratulations to Draco Maligo and Korroth Karn for earning field promotions in the GJW!

Draco: DJK-KP. Welcome to the Equites

Korroth: GRD-JH

Welcome to Aemilia Rincs who has begun her path down the Dark Side and has received her promotion to NOV and another to ACO. Congratulations!

Rollmaster Report_SA

Shadow Academy participation has been extremely high due to the GJW.

Kschamehellan: Krath Gramar Studies, History of the Sith Empire I, II and III, Krath Poetry, Freighters and Transports

Natth a’Niel Palpatine: History of the Sith Empire II and III, Starfighter Studies, Freighters and Transports

Draco Maligo: Krath Poetry, Krath Grammar Studies, Run on Studies

Uzbad: Krath Core

Aemila Rincs: Dark Brotherhood Basics, IRC Basics, Krath Grammar Studies

RevengeX Palpatine: Old Republic History, Chamber of Justice, Freighters and Transports, IRC Channel Operator Studies

Many Degrees were also handed out.

Draco Maligo: Dark Maven – Flight, Writing

Yeldarb Vohokou: Dark Maven – Flight

Kschamehellan: Dark Maven – Writing, General History

Natth a’Niel Palpatine: Dark Maven – General History, Flight. Dark Savant – Writing and Philosophy

RevengeX Palpatine: Dark Maven – General History, Flight. Dark Savant – Leadership and Communication.

Timbal Palpatine: Dark Maven – Service.

Congrats to everyone who passed a course or earned themselves a degree.

Rollmaster Report_IRC

Tra’an, Kalak, RevengeX, Natth, Draco, Aemilia, and myself have all been seen on IRC.

Rollmaster Report_Comps

Currently none. But Rise of a Rebellion will be continuing soon.

Rollmaster Report

Show some level of activity or risk being Rogued.

Get on IRC.

Prepare for Rise of a Rebellion.

In Darkness,

Koryn Thraagus.

DJK Koryn Thraagus (Krath)/RM/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [ACC: CL:1]

AC / DC-CP / Cr-1R-6A-2E-1T-2Q / LS-BL / S:-3Rm


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