Aedile Report


Aedile Report




That was a unique GJW, to say the least. To say it was a close race near its end would be a gross understatement of the year. However regardless of how we ended up, we know we gave it our best given everyone's contraints. There were some people that promised to participate but never showed up when the time came; those people will be dealt with.

Overall, not much to say. Everyone's trying to get back into a 'normal' state of things, and waiting for the GJW results to be released sometime by the end of his week. That's when the Summit will have a clearer picture of how/what needs to be done/tweaked, and where.

We got new guys in Dinaari, and I wanna extend a 'formal'-ish welcome to them:

Kuunin MacRonan. Already made it to Novice, congratulations.

Petranus, who joined us Sunday night.

Vlad's on LOA; coming back at the end of this week, I believe. Dude's stepping down as Quaestor effective June 1st, and I hop up over to his position. I'll be accepting applications for Aedile pretty much Tal-wide, maybe even DB-wide. More on that as the deadline approaches, but let me just make one thing clear: even though it's only Aedile, I won't be taking anyone on that's done absolutely jack shit for the GJW.

On another note, my Summer semester is starting up next week. That means that this week is my only week free. I plan on getting as much DB stuff possible...but that may not end up being much as I have a lot of 'fun' to catch up on. :P


Not much going on here. As I said just now, we're waiting on the GJW results to know how we did and gauge the overall mood of the Clan. Some new competitions might pop up over the weekend.

DB Stuffs

GJW = over. Muz is accepting DGM and Gaming Tribune applications. Dante stepped down as Gaming Tribune (about time, he was fucking horrible. laf.:)), so now people have a chance to go in and make Gaming somewhat tolerable again. Also, Kaek is all "z0mg P:MAA soon kinda. froth at the mouth". Yeah. He's fucking weird.

Ending Stuffs


...for about a week. But I plan on making it a good week, and I wish everyone else the same.

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