Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report


Cethgus sat back into his big chair, his office was full of paper work, and it only was going to get bigger, as he looked at the pile of work that had be completed he noticed that it was still coming in, and mounting up. As he continued to work he looked around his office, it felt strange to be back here, but at the same time, he knew that the clan had to look forward. And this was one of those times the Obelisk knew, that he had a lot of work to do, and things would happen in the future.

As the door opened it was the Obelisk who smirked not even looking at the door he knew who had just walked in. “Hello Cassandra and Sanguinius” his voice was still cold.

As he stood up he allowed his students to enter the room and take seats. Both of them had been pains during the war, but something’s had to come sooner or later, and this was one of them.

“You both have a lot to make up for, your training is increased, you don’t sleep unless I tell you too, am I understood!” Both of the Journeymen nodded, as Cassandra left the office, the Obelisk grabbed Sang shoulder holding him back in the office, as the door shut from Cassandra’s exit, Sang looked at his master.

“You did a great job and I heard you’re a fighter ace. So I thank you Sanguinius” he grinned and let Sanguinius leave.



As everyone knows the Great Jedi War has finished, and I would like to say to everyone thank you for all of your hard work for this clan, while we still wait for the results to get out, I would like to give you the time to relax slightly, your hard work has been greatly appreciated.


I would like to say congratulations to everyone who has achieved a medal. Though we are still getting medals out at the moment this is a quick report, before everything is sorted, so everyone who has achieved a medal I would like to congratulate. The following people are:

Mograine – 3 CF’s

Cassandra – Crescent with Amethyst Star

Jaecyn – Scroll of Introduction

Shadow Academy:

I would like to say thank you to everyone who took part into Shadow Academy. I know that exams sometimes aren’t the easiest of things to complete, so each of you that has managed to do a load of them. I would like to thank you for your help to the clan, and to each of you, I thank you, the following people took exams:

Jaecyn – Dark Maven in Writing, Starfighters Studies, Dark Maven in Flight, Advanced Poetry, Run-on Studies

Octavia – Krath Grammar, Dark Maven Writing, Krath Advanced Poetry, Sith Alchemy, Wiki basics,

Nolor – Obelisk Core, Lightsaber Studies

Sanguinius – Astronomy, General Leadership

Mograine – Krath Core, Obelisk Core, Dark Maven in Philosophy

Isildur – Obelisk Core, IRC Basics, Brotherhood Basics

Pax – Krath Poetry

Killer – Sith Core

Torlek – Brotherhood Basics

Xeldor – ACC Initials

Antei Combat Centre:

I would like to say thank you for all of the work, I know that everyone has been hard at work participating in the Antei Combat Centre. So I would like to thank everyone for their hard work, and I know that you are all working hard at the moment, so again thanks, now the following ACC matches have taken place:

Cassandra –vs- Sidarace : Winner: Cassandra

Cassandra –vs- Via: Winner: Cassandra

Sanguinius –vs – Telona: Winner: Sanguinius

Sanguinius –vs – Brimstone: Winner: Sanguinius

Cassandra –vs- Arania: Winner: Arania

Jaecyn –vs-Demonic: Winner: Jaecyn

Sanguinius –vs – Xathia: Winner: Xathia

Sanguinius –vs –Phoenix: Winner: Sanguinius

Sanguinius –vs –Xathia: Winner: Sanguinius

Sanguinius –vs –Legorii: Winner: Legorii

Sanguinius –vs –Hel-Pa: Winner: Sanguinius

Sanguinius –vs –Halcyon: Winner: Halcyon

Cassandra –vs- Timeros: Winner: Timeros

Sanguinius –vs –Archangel: Winner: Sanguinius

Sanguinius –vs –Dante: Winner: Dante


I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has worked hard in the Great Jedi War. Each Journeymen that has been promoted I would like to congratulate you all, your hard work has been rewarded, the following people have been promoted:

Guardian Mograine to Jedi Hunter Mograine

Protector Sanguinius to Guardian Sanguinius

Protector Jaecyn to Guardian Jaecyn

Jedi Hunter Ralph to Dark Jedi Knight Ralph

Guardian Sanguinius to Jedi Hunter Sanguinius

Guardian Jaecyn to Jedi Hunter Jaecyn

Master and Student Pairings

This will be short for me as I normally only mention this stuff quickly, I would like to say that if you are considering becoming a Master or Student, I would require you to speak to me first about these matters, this way we will be able to help you find the best pairing we can offer.

Serving in Darkness

Cethgus Kuga

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