T:G Report #1


T:G Report #1

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet: I, Vardar, am your new Gaming Tribune. I would like to say that at this time I welcome all suggestions as to what you want to see on the gaming scene and take this opportunity to tell you that you need not be afraid to talk to me if there’s anything you’d like to say.

I’d like to thank my good friend Vodo Biask for the sexy headers and signature. You rock. Hard.

As June approaches (so does my birthday wink nudge) we get ready for our June tournament. I’ve prepared a type of game play for our Q3-engine most played platforms, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, which I hope will be fun to try out. Who knows, if I get enough people participating (and having fun) I might just push for it to become an official match style during gaming nights. The concept behind this is pretty simple, tag team. With a twist! Rules follow:

– This is a multiplayer game where each team has two people and only two people.

– You choose who will start the fight and both team members who are “out” will retreat to the edges of the “arena”. For Jedi Academy, in the Tatooine map, both doorways in the central area. For Jedi Outcast, in Bespin, the ledges on the side of the area where we usually duel (near the spawn point behind the two bridges on the opposite side of the sculpture).

– You may only use your lightsaber.

– You may only be tagged out by a member who is outside of the match (i.e. can’t request to be tagged out. The team-mate must get a feel for when the other’s in trouble. Paying attention will be crucial).

– If you kill the opponent you are currently dueling, you are automatically tagged out and must let your partner take over (the opponent’s team partner is automatically tagged in, obviously). Upon being killed you may not take part or influence the developing match in any way until either team is dead.

– Best two out of three will determine the winner for this tournament.

– You may not pick up things such as shield or health while playing. (You can pick up anything else you want, but you can’t use it anyway).

– You may use Force Heal while tagged out.

– You may not use any other Force power while tagged out (with the exception of Force Push while in saber-lock) and using Force Heal while you are in combat is strictly forbidden.

– You may not attack anyone outside of the “arena” while fighting. When outside of the “arena” you may not attack anyone who is fighting or the other person who is out.

– Rest of the Rites of Combat applies to the fighting.

Feel free to sign up as a team for this tournament. If you choose not to, you will be assigned another person who signed up individually. You can sign up by e-mailing me your PIN number (and your partner’s, should you sign up as a team) to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. I hope to get a few submissions so I can then work up the ladder.

I’ll give you the competition link after I have consulted our good friend Kaek as to the appropriate rewards for this type of game play and have requested the competition.

Awarded some overdue Clusters of Fire for last month as well as the ones earned for the last ICTE.

There were only three participants. Let’s see some hustle, people!

Currently gathering opinions on making friday night “Console Gaming Night”, if you have any ideas/opinions/suggestions, we want you! Linky link:


I have also been working on what I can do to further better the Rites of Combat in order to adjust to more concrete gaming scenarios. Stay tuned.

Sexy graphics

Retardedly unnecessarily huge graphics. :P

But awesome report, though.

Yes.. One might think the gaming tribune is making up for something.. :P

And thanks. :)

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