The Ninth Great Jedi War

Over. Was a hell of a thing to be a part of. I've done a few of these now and this was the most fun. I hope some of you enjoyed participating in it as much as I did helping to create it. Congratulations to the winners. I look forward to hopefully competing in the next one.

New Blood

I figured out a while back that the conclusion of this GJW would be a good time for me to take a break and let some others move us forward. I'm interested to see where we go from here. Good luck to the next p:gm and t:f.


My thanks to Sarin and Muz who made it very easy on me to do what I enjoy. And thanks very much to everyone who took a second to drop me a nice line on IRC or email. It made my day every time. Be good to each other and I will see you around.

Raken, you rock.

We love Raken! We love Raken!

Thanks for all your hard work, Raken!

Raken! You can't leave! Nooo!

Anyway, thanks for everything you've done in the short time that I've been here. It's been really fun and enjoyable! Rock on, Red Tower!

Thank you for making the DB a place to expand the imagination, and have fun. You'll be missed.

I don't often make a comment on these things, and I've only been here for about four years but you're the only Praetor I've seen to have made so many wonderful contributions to the club as a whole.

Thanks a bunch Raken for all of your hard work. A Silver Sash is only a mere testament to your great effort you put into the Brotherhood.

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