Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


I want to encourage everybody to participate in the "Closure" Run-On, in addition to the other competitions. I won't give anything away here, but I do want to point out that fictionally this Run-On is likely to have a major effect on the direction and the tone our House takes going forward. This is your chance to have a direct influence on our future!

[Promotions and Awards]

Congratulations to Achiryte, for being promoted to the rank of Novice! Keep up the good work!

[Clan and House Competitions]

*Closure Run-On, until 06/10/2009:



*Warrior Spirit 1 Page History, until 06/05/2009:


*Effects of the GJW 1 Page History or Graphics, until 06/30/2009:


[Journeyman Requirements]

Journeymen, please review the Promotion Requirements to get a clear picture of what you need to work on for your next rank. If you need a copy of your activity record to figure out where you stand, just ask!


If you are a Journeyman and you have "run a competition with the help of your House Summit" as one of the requirements for your next promotion, now is your chance! The GJW is over, which means we can once again run House competitions! Talk to Apollo and me about your competition ideas, and we'll help you go through the steps to schedule and run it.

Similarly, if you need to qualify in the ACC I'll take any challengers from Gladius. Just email me with the venue you'd like and the weapons you want to use. I'll get in touch with the Combat Master and get the battles set up. We can also do training matches which don't count and aren't judged, but will give me an opportunity to help you with your writing.

Need help with your next promotion? Your House Summit is here to help. Ask Dralin, Apollo or myself and we'll help you get everything figured out.


I have set up a little unofficial web based game that I'm testing out. It's been running with a few folks from IRC for awhile now and I think I have all the major bugs worked out. It's based on the board game "Diplomacy" in which you play a European country and try to conquer territory. Don't let it distract you from the GJW, but it's a good way to have a little fun. Anybody with a DJB dossier number can play, and anybody can set up a game. Just round up five or six friends and start up a new game.


Just so you know, this is a long term type of game. You will spend 10 or 15 minutes figuring out what orders to give your units each day, then wait for everyone else to do the same. If you have questions about how to play, there are basic instructions on the front page of the site with pictures. If you still have questions, shoot me an email and I'll help you out.


KAP Apollo:

Various AED duties

SW Scion Altera:

Various QUA duties

05/22/2009 - Quaestor Report

DJK Dralin Fortea:

Various RM duties

PRT Severon Vercingetorix:

05/25/2009 - Completed Force Cults SA Course

PRT Brin Chaser:

05/27/2009 - Qualified in the ACC

05/27/2009 - Completed Training Saber SA Course

NOV Achiryte:

05/22/2009 - Completed Dark Brotherhood Basics SA Course

05/26/2009 - Promoted to Novice


In Darkness,

Scion Altera

Lieutenant, Tarentum Navy

Executive Officer, B/CR Cocytus

SW Scion "Firebird" Altera (Sith)/QUA/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: CL:1]



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