Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

It’s been a quiet two weeks. There have been a few larger scale position appointments in the Brotherhood since my last report, more on those later. The biggest news is the Master at Arms AWOL check concluding for Arcona and Tarentum, and the subsequent loss of…oh, sixty-five members. A lot of dead weight.

As a result, HQD is down to 20 members, and Galeres across the river has 23. I see it as a good thing, because now we know who’s active, and we have a fresh slate to work with as we begin to implement the new Shadesworn Training Scheme. Stay tuned for more info over the next week or two.

Fictional Information

Kant currently has a fiction competition running for Prophecy Phyle, check that out on the competitions page.

The Qel-Droma Temple Revamp is progressing into its final stages, as I begin to edit the floors that were written up by a few volunteers. We should see the fruits of that labor in the next few days.

I have begun talking to some of Qel-Droma’s Equites about pairings for the Shadesworn Scheme, and hope to have that fully implemented by my next report. Now on to the really exciting news…

The fleet rewards Arcona earned from our GJW9 victory have been added to the wiki. Check those out, they’re pretty awesome. We purchased a Nebula-class Star Destroyer, which was named Invicta, and two TIE Avenger squadrons (Black Wind and Lightbane) and a bomber squadron (Scourge). We also purchased a second Majestic, the Lictor. Two Starwind-class Pleasure Yachts were also obtained, but have yet to be named and added to the wiki. Take a look at the re-ordering of the OOB, too.


-We lost weight.

-Vardar appointed Gaming Tribune.

-Two new Shadow Academy courses and a Law degree.

-Raken retires :(

-Erinyes is the new Combat Master, and Timeros is her invaluable Magistrate.

<big>Thanks guys. Have fun, and stay tuned for the next report in two weeks. Arc0wnage!</big>


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