Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Greetings, Salutations, Howdys, and G'day Mate. I know you have not heard a lot from your Summit lately, and that can be a great source of frusteration. I assure you, though some of us are having issues, and some are changing locations, that we are still alive, and busy plotting for the next wave. Until then, however, here's the skinny of the last few weeks. There are lots of results from the war, but those tallies are still coming in, so those shall be saved for another report.


I shall not discuss other recent events related to our beloved former Consul, Dark Adept Braecen Kaeth, but I do believe he deserves a farewell. He has done a lot for this Clan, bringing it out of what could have been its death throes, and turning Plagueis back into a respecatble name. He has done a lot for so many of the members, and I believe that almost every one of us has some Brae Story that they could tell about something he went out of the way to do that changed their outlook on the Brotherhood, or life in general. I wish him well, and I surely hope that he will not stay in the shadows. But, I know that's not the kind of person he is, so I feel we shall see a lot still of our beloved Brae, even if we aren't oriental females under the age of 12 1/2.


To fill his gap, Prelate Alaris Jinn has been promoted to Consul. And Pontifex Arion Aquillarum Sunrider has been named Proconsul. Both are very capable and wise individuals, and we should all expect great things from the two of them.


Lately, we have not only had a lot of new faces arrive on our doorstep, but a lot of people have wandered here, looking for a new home. so I would like to welcome home to the Honorable House Exar Kun the following:

APP Lelouch Lamperouge

APP Torlek Falchien

NOV Xeldor

SBM Starrett

APP Isildur Eärendil

KAP Vithril

ACO Lucien

APP darthbane23

APP Divok Kalar

APP Ecolore Altinore

APP Omertas


With more experience, gomes a greater title, so I wish to proudly present to you:

PROTECTOR Zy'fus Kai Interm


NOVICE Torlek Falchien

NOVICE Xim Taurendil

ACOLYTE Isildur Eärendil



While the last of the Spoils from the Ninth and latest 'War to end all wars' are still being sorted out, there have been some shineys delivered that do not relate to the War. So, I wish to offer a strong congratulations to:

DJK Yadar Shyk - Crescent with Quartz Star

GRD Mehrunes "Bane" Dagon - Crescent with Topaz Star

JH Jendan Morgana - Cluster of Fire x2

Stay tuned, as I shall have another Competition coming out by the end of the week. And as Braecen alwasy said, and it still holds true: Work = Reward, Only in Plagueis.


While the roll we have is great, there might be someone out there waiting to hear about the Brotherhood. For helping us find new members, We award our own with Scrolls of indoctrination. So, many congrats to:

DJK Koga Kage x2

KP Kara Rohana x1

DJK Yadar Shyk x1


The Shadow Academy is still a very active place, and a great place for youngsters to get their start. And with new degrees and courses released recently, everyone should check it out! But many kudos must go to these scholars for expanding their knowledge.

PRT Aeshi - Khar Shian: wiki Basics (96%)

PRT Zeon Blacktooth - Khar Shian: ACC Initiates (100%), Khar Shian: Wiki Basics (90%)

KP Ood Bnar Sythe'rae - Deneba: Force Cults (97%)

APP Omertas - Dark Brotherhood Basics (88%)


Well, as we come to the end of another Report, It also marks a beginning. No matter what you have accomplished over the last couple weeks, or what you may have failed at. A new week starts now. Let the problems of the past fade off you, and feed of your victories. Keep moving forward, and let nothing hold you back, not in the Brotherhood, and not in your life.

Good Night, and God Bless you House Exar Kun.

Your humble servant,

Ralph Vundu

DJK Ralph Vundu (Obelisk)/AED(Acting)/Exar Kun of Plagueis [ACC: INI]

AC / DC-CP / SN / Cr-8E-2T-4Q / CF-BlF / SoL


"Those who are about to die salute you."

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