Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Landing Platform, Silvia Industries HQ, Nazzri system

1800 hours

The Lambda-Class Shuttle folded it's wings and lowered the ramp. An honour guard of twelve security personnel and four BX commando droids had been rushed out to welcome their visitor. The shuttle disgorged six stormtroopers, the fading sunlight glinting of their white helmets. From within the shadowy depths of the shuttle, the visitor finally emerged, strolling down the ramp to be enfolded by his escort. The CEO standing with the company guard gulped as black eyes transfixed him.

"Iudex, it is a rare honour to have you here. May I ask you the circumstances surrounding your...unexpected visit?"

"We will discuss it inside. I would care for some light refreshment if you please." replied the Falleen.

At the top of the skyscraper that was the headquarters of the company, a platter of meats was produced, along with bottle of light wine.

"Now Chief Executive. I would like to know why I here mumblings from your workers, both here and on Antenora. Mumblings of rebellion. Due to a raid carried out, we have crippled them for two weeks. Any assistance from outside parties could be very dangerous. " A gleam came to the Falleen's eye as he said this, ready to sense any sign of deception from his host.

"My lord, there is a big difference between saying something, and then acting on it. A charismatic figure can easily stir up the oppressed.."

"...oppressed? Do we not provide for those in our employ? Do we not pay them, feed them, clothe them? These insects need to be stamped out before they sting anyone else."

"Sir, I will personally ensure that our employees are told the dangers of these rebels, and not to support them. I can promise you that we won't suffer from another bombing."

The Falleen smiled coldly. "Yes, but I still fear for your safety. After all, if you were to...suffer from negative effects caused by the rebellion, the people I represent would be most upset. Therefore, the stormtroopers outside will serve as your personal bodyguard. They are under orders to follow you everywhere. For your own safety of course. Now if you'll excuse me I need to return to Antenora.

The CEO saw him off, inwardly groaning. He knew full well why the Stormtroopers were there. Still, if there was a better offer, he could always use the BX commando droids that Ragnose had so kindly provided to end their lives.

Kalak settled down in the shuttle and adjusted his robes. His pilot brought him a holocomunicator and the monochrome image of the leader of commando droids shot up.

"Keep an eye on him. Don't give away your true allegiance, but don't allow your droids to follow any treacherous commands."

"Yes Iudex."

Yes, if you've read the story closely, you'll see that the RoaR has been pushed back two weeks, until June 14th. For all of us doing exams, there are several, this is a real boon. Personally, I'll try and do one entry before the 17th then aim to do more after I've finished celebrating the end of my exams. That will be soon after.

As Tra'an said, this really is a matter of life or death for HAD. If you've read RH's report, you'll have heard her claims about how they're in an even worse position. We must not forget, they came first in RoaR part 1. We are here to succeed. "Where perfection becomes a habit" is our house motto. Let's live up to it.

Goodness, we have a lot of projects on the go. Cities, tribes, history, operation sandstorm etc.

The HAD forums have some active topics atm. Go!

Congratulations to Erinyes on getting Combat Master.

Headmaster Aabsdu is urging younglings to do the Journeymen competitions. I was responsible for monitoring them and occasionally coming up with an idea for them when I was his Magistrate, and I can tell you they are worth doing. Go do it. You have time before the RoaR. Could be a medal for one of you if you submit.



Exams. Bleah. I think I did well on the German reading and listening. Can't be sure about the others I've taken so far, but I'm hopeful. They're effectively dominating my minds at the moment. That and the Nobility website. Actually, I lie. Yesterday I visited my Aunt and Uncle and we spent most of the day on the patio talking politics. They're planning on making Ed Balls Chancellor of the Exchequer. lol. I'll say no more in case you favour him - I don't want to offend.

Well, I won't report until at least the 12th. Until then.

Kalak Ragnose

Aedile of Acclivis Draco

Iudex of the desert plains.

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