Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Alright Wichsflecks (, go look it up :D). Not a lot of activity this past week in terms of things being finished but lots of things are ongoing. Several competitions including the very important RO which I hope to post in later today (provided the TAs don’t give me too much scut-work to do) are ongoing. Big shout out and thanks to Windows for keeping my character present in the early posts.



Awarded Legion of the Scholar: For wtfpwning Vai’s awesome new trivia challenge 


Awarded Crescent with Amethyst: For placing 1st in the Eulogy comp. Runofi, have you considered a career change? They sell those things on the internet for people too lazy to write their own :D.


Awarded Crescent with Emerald Star: For placing 3rd in the Eulogy comp, grats to me.

Tier Avis:

Promotion to GRD: Well it’s about damn time. These new restrictions suck. Uber-congratulations to Tier!

Awarded Crescent with Sapphire Star: For placing 2nd in the Eulogy comp. Yay!


Transfer to Cestus: Welcome back from the rogues! I guess the scheming of all of Tar’s summits really paid off .


Name that Song!

Random Trivia

Vault of Knowledge

Vai’s awesome trivia comp. I like his questions a lot more than the ones most other trivia competitions have. Look for the next question in his next report I believe  (tomorrow, I think).

Garden of Eden

Run on run on run on run on! Go go go go go!

Fist of Cestus

There’s still a week to get in some serious activity to earn yourself a bonus shiny!


IMPORTANT! When you go camping… forget everything but your pillow. Tent, clothes, firewood, whatever. Go naked and sleep under the stars but for the love of the Force, bring a damn pillow (I’ve forgotten one the past 6 times I’ve been camping and I think I’m developing a brain tumor).

Also, RO is going. People are posting. So bust out the Microsoft Word and Notepad and hit the forums hard!

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