Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Rollmaster Report

“He’s WHAT?” Koryn had just heard the news of Tra’an’s departure. He dropped his paperwork and rushed down to the landing platform. Kalak was already stood there, watching a transport in the distance.

“We just missed him,” observed the Falleen. The Dark Jedi Knight nodded in reply. A protocol droid ambled over to the pair, a holotransceiver in its hands. It activated and a blue-washed figure appeared: Tra’an.

“My friends,” he addressed. “I apologise for leaving on such short notice, but the Force is guiding me elsewhere. I shall journey beyond the Outer Rim territories before returning to Brotherhood controlled space. I appoint Kalak as my replacement. You will make a fine leader of the House, I am sure. Good luck, my friends, and may the darkness guide you always.” Tra’an disconnected the link and Kalak and Koryn watched as the transport faded from view.

Children of the Rising Dragon,

Welcome to the greatest show in the galaxy!

Rollmaster Report

As you have probably heard from the email he sent out, Tra’an has resigned as Quaestor and will be transferring to Independent House Revan upon its opening. We wish him all the luck and success for the future. Kalak has not yet been appointed QUA officially, but it will likely be announced shortly.

Since my last report, I’ve been pretty busy in RL. I’ve finished all of my exams and officially left college (Yay!), spent the past week celebrating with friends, and am eagerly awaiting the results of my exams, then onto university.

RoaR has been pushed back to 6th July. I know it feels like it will never happen, but there is still plenty to do: check out the competition listings (see below), or ask the House Summit (I’m sure we can find something for you to help with).

DB Radio is back (or returning soon. I’m not sure which). If you want to be a DJ for it, email Dessan if you meet the requirements: Windows (or a LOT of unix knowledge), at least 500 mbs speed, and at least 500+ songs that you are willing to expand.

Congrats to my Master, Robin Hawk who has received a Sapphire Blade for her work in the Herald’s Office (I feel I have to mention this or she might seriously hurt me =P).

Rollmaster Report_Promo_Award

Aesir: ACO-PRT.

Aesir: Crescent with Emerald Star (x2), Crescent with Topaz Star, Scroll of Indoctrination, Dark Cross.

Kalak Ragnose: Crescent with Sapphire Star, Crescent with Emerald Star, Dark Cross.

Koryn Thraagus: Crescent with Amethyst Star, Crescent with Sapphire Star.

Draco Maligo: Crescent with Emerald Star (x2).

Congrats to everyone who was awarded!

Rollmaster Report_Transfers

Welcome to Andrew Brisbaine, who has earned his first promotion to NOV. Congrats!

As I mentioned above, Tra’an has transferred out to the Rogues. Good luck to him in House Revan!

The Master At Arms’ AWOL Check is over and I am sorry to say that we lost quite a number of our comrades. I won’t list them all here, but needless to say, our roster has been thinned out. Hopefully this means that those of you who are left will be extremely active (nudge, nudge =P).

Rollmaster Report_SA

Aesir: Old Republic History.

Rollmaster Report_IRC

Tra’an, Kalak, RevengeX, Draco, Natth, Yeldarb, Aesir, and myself have all been seen on IRC.

Rollmaster Report_Comps


Reclamation of Lyspair

Anyone who reads the news posts on the DB homepage has probably noticed the fiction in the Headmaster’s reports. Well this comp allows you to write what happens next. Entries must detail the recapture of the Academy on Lyspair and must be written in 3rd person from a character other than yourself. Send all entries to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Like a Herald

Has anyone else just started singing Like a Virgin? =P

Anyway, the competition… Depict a day in the life of the Herald through graphics, media, or fiction. Humour is a must. Fiction is a 5 page minimum. Send all entries to Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu. For more info on the fictional role of the Herald, check out the wiki page.

Like a virgin, touched for the ver... Sorry....


Talon Wants an Apprentice

The title says it all really. This one is for Journeymen without a Master only. Write a one page fiction about Talon picking you as his Apprentice. It can be either funny or serious, but try to be original. Send all entries to Talon Jade.

One Escaped...

Following the GJW, a lone Jedi Master (named Horus di Vargon) has infiltrated the Clan. The Emperor has tasked you with tracking down the mysterious killer. Write a minimum of 1.5 pages detailing how you track down the Jedi and how you discover him to be a follower of Crask. Send all entries to Kalak Ragnose.

One Escaped... [GFX]

Create an image of the Jedi Master mentioned above. Send all entries to Kalak Ragnose.



Write a description or design a graphic of the person or thing that is your nemesis. This is to be accompanied by a minimum of 0.5 page summary explaining why this is your nemesis. Send all entries to Aesir.

Rollmaster Report

Tra’an has resigned as Quaestor.

Prepare for RoaR.

Get on IRC.

Stay Active.

In Darkness,

Koryn Thraagus.

DJK Koryn Thraagus (Krath)/RM/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [ACC: TRN]

AC-ToSH / DC-CP / Cr-1R-6A-2E-1T-2Q / LS-BL / S:-3Rm-8U


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