Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Greetings House Marka Ragnos

First things first, the HMR report system is going to function a little differently from now on. In short each summit member will be writing a report tailored to their area of coverage. For example, the Rollmaster will be focused on awards, accomplishments, roster changes and any info that deals with that. The Aedile will focus on general news of the house, status, and operations. The Quaestor will handle the overall direction of the house and will note on how we as a house fit in with the rest of the clan and the brotherhood. We feel that with this method we can provided you with a more complete synopsis of what is going on in the House, Clan and the rest of the brotherhood in a more timely and efficient manner while also keeping you from having to read the same report 5 times.

With that said things are moving right along in our beloved house as the fractured mirror comps wind down. I want to personally congratulate all who participated in this event. A lot of talent was shown even after the long and grueling GJW. So well done there.

I also want to congratulate our newest battle team the Night Raptors for doing such a fine job in getting of the ground and getting recognized as the Consul's Own. Well done Commander Demonic and crew.

Also I want to recognize two of our own who have ascended to Knighthood. Congratulations Demonic and Ekeia. I have watched both of you work very hard and do much for the clan. Both deserve this fine honor.

Disciples of Ragnos

So the big buzz right now in the House is the Disciples of Ragnos. So what is the Disciples of Ragnos you ask? Simply put it is the fictional face of the House which will have a functional interactive component to help provide depth for the individual members as well as the house as a whole and eventually we hope the entire clan.

If you have been around you may have noticed the Disciples of Ragnos has been around for about a year and half. It was originally something Ashura, myself and a few others formulated a while back and put together but once done was not given a lot of attention due to a lot of changes and happenings both within the house and the clan. The system itself also went through a few abrupt changes which were not necessarily approved of.

What we have now is a nice fresh start in what will be the third incarnation. So far its had a lot of positive responses and many seem to be jumping on board. This is exactly what we want to see..House participation. Remember this is your House as much as it is ours.

We are currently looking for everyone to help out with things like graphics, brainstorming, and writing. The big question here is..what do YOU want to see in the DoR?

If you want to help or have questions let myself, Manji, or our lovely Jade know.

Battle Teams

I want to take a moment to touch on the battle teams. It has long been the philosophy that the battle team is the least important and the lowest body in the chain of command. This could not be further from the truth.

The battle team is your foundation. This is your first real team in the brotherhood. This is where things happen. While it is the base in the pyramid of power...if the base is weak or removed the entire pyramid comes crashing down. In this way the battle teams are in fact the MOST important.

The Battle team should be a source of pride and unity, a tight knit group. It should be the first step in a new member's agenda as well.

It is where success and fun starts. So I encourage the Battle team leaders and their teams to bolster themselves up and make an even better name for themselves.

From my battle team leaders I would like to see a rough plan of action for each month. This is not anything official but I want to hear from both of you on what things you are to be covering for the upcoming month. Goals, ideas and etc. I want to see these things included in your reports. This will help keep the summit on the same page as you so we can help to support your efforts.

The big thing I want everyone to walk away with here is "TEAM UNITY." Everyone helps everyone else out so that we all do good and look good doing it.

House Feud

Well there is yet another House Feud in the works the time frame is looking like late August but nothing solid as of yet. We will keep you posted on this.

I will just point out that during the Last House Feud HMR took it home...I would like to make that a tradition. But of course that is up to all of you.

The Guilds ?

This is something that has been discussed in the clan in various forms for sometime now. Essentially its an idea to have people of like interests come together and help each other improve on those interests. In the past we have attempted this with a gaming only battle team which was confined to a specific house with a Chain of Command and so forth, there were also gaming nights and so forth but nothing solid.

The idea here is to take it a step further. The guild idea is to get away from the officialism of a battle team and to embrace a more communal aspect. Basically think of them as common interest groups with in the clan. These groups them would be open to any clan member with out the need of some sort of transfer or paper work. Nor would there be a need for reports. All that would be needed would be an interest in an activity, the willingness to engage in that activity with others in order to help improve upon each other, and the ability to hold these events.

I would like to hear any ideas on this subject


That is all I have this time around. Mohalo and keep doing what you are doing HMR.

Krath Priest Zaxen Isradia -- HMR Aedile

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