Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

RP Intro

Commander Angral Revaen sat on the simple steel desk of the Sapphire Squadron Ready-Room, his new Squadron seated in the various pieces of furniture around the low-lit room...all except for Macron Sadow, the Son of the Overlord creeping in the shadows by the door, his red armor and pale skin glinting menacingly.

A big smile was seen as Revaen took off his helmet and looked out at the three new, seasoned, members of his Squadron. Sitting on the couch was the Magistrate to the Seneschal, Krath Protector Jinius Griffin, with Mei Ryoko next to him.

Lounging casually in a flo-form chair was Dark Jedi Knight Krandon Rowella and leaning against his gear locker was Guardian Pylarus.

"Well, Jedi, I've called you here for a report on the going ons of the Team, but first, time for introductions" started the Guardian, pausing as he gestured to the three new pilots of the elite Squadron.

"Macron, Pylarus" he continued. "Meet Knight Krandon Rowella, former Flight Leader of the Jade Serpents. Also, this is Jinius Griffin, also a former Serpent as well as serving Seneschal d'Tana as a Magistrate and the lovely Mei Ryoko, both Protectors. These are now your brothers and sister, treat them warmly as you did me" finished the Sith Guardian, letting the pilots both new and old shake hands and exchange greetings.

As the welcoming died down, Angral slid over the desk and sat in the flo-form chair behind the desk and quickly typed in a combination on the keypad that was inserted in the table and a holo-projector hummed to life.

"Now, first off" said the Commander, smiling as he saw his troopers turn to the projector. The Ready-Room was finally full, counting more than just two plus one. The Rebirth of Sapphire had begun!


First and foremost, a hearty welcome goes out to Mei Ryoko, Jinius Griffin, and Krandon Rowella for joining us here in Sapphire Squadron, straight from the awesome leader, Jade Serpent Sergeant, Dyrra Skye! Don't worry, sis, I'll take care of 'em! ;)

Now, onto news!!


Well, of course, the center of Sapphire this week has been procuring Mei, Jinius, and Krandon from the Jade Serpents as they move closer to their Knighthood (Krandon excluded) and the Serpents fill up with newer members (ACO lower). However, we do have some matters of which to attend. First up, Brotherhood news!

One Answers to the Iron Throne

The Headmaster's and Herald's competitions, Reclamation of Lyspair and "Like a Herald!" respectively, have ended! No news as of yet on awards/winners.

The Justicar, Kir Katarn, has laid down judgement in another Communique. The punishment is to depressing to say in a happy report, so check the news page for the verdict.

Straight From Sepros`

Fractured Mirror is officially over and the scores are being tallied along with the Light Side or Dark Side ending currently being decided upon. Awards should be somewhere in the near future.

Also, this month's round of Sadow competitions are coming to a close (Sadow Training, Champion of Sadow, and Game, Game, Game). These comps award Fourth Level Crescents to the top three CNS members who have 1) the most Clusters of Fire (Game, Game, Game) 2) passed the most SA exams (Sadow Training) and 3) the most ACC activity (Champion of Sadow).

Up In Aeotheran's Sky

The House Summit of HLK has done some moving around with the Battleteams and a brand new full roster of Jade Serpents are now under Dyrra Skye's command while Sapphire Squadron recieves the senior members of that Team, Mei, Jinius, and Krandon.

Mining for Gems

New members in BT SS! Woo!

Also, competition for the Team is now running 'Say My Name'. Started yesterday and ends on July 4th, one week from yesterday. 5th Level Crescents are up for grabs. More details in the Comp Section.

What Should I Work On This Week?

Well let me help you with that...^_^

DB: None

Clan: Sadow Training, Champion of Sadow, and Game, Game, Game! are finishing up for June! Rewards are Fourth Level Crescents!

For Sadow Training, be one of the top three in the Clan who passes the most SA courses for the month. To be a winner of Game, Game, Game! simply be one of the top three who have collected the most CFs in June and to be a Champion of Sadow, join two others in being the top three with the most ACC activity for the month.

House: Nix

Battleteam: Say My Name -- My first competition for you all! YAY! Simply craft yourself a callsign for use in future events (ROs, Feuds, BT comps, etc) along with a half-page fictional description of how you chose it or got it, etc.

The fictions are welcomed to be longer than a half a page, but the half-page is the minimum. 5th Level Crescents will be awarded to the top three entries. Please send submissions to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by July 4th.

Finite! On to the good stuff!!

^^^^^Hall of Fame^^^^^

**Awards: Macron receives a Sapphire Crescent for ACC awesomeness in the Light vs. Dark event.

***I, Angral, received my first Dark Side Degree! The Maven of General History now hangs on my wall and puts me one step closer to Jedi Hunter and Knighthood beyond that!

That's all for now!

(((((To Conclude)))))

*New members! Mei, Jinius, Krandon!

*Macron receives Sapphire Crescent!

*I nab my DMGH

*Sadow comps finishing up!

*Justicar Katarn lays down the law

*Herald and Headmaster comps are over

That's it for this week, guys!

In the Sith's Name,

~Angral Revaen

Commander of Sapphire Squadron

Sith Guardian

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