Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


<font size="4">There was a loud crash that echoed though the hallways just out side the office of the battleteam leader of Blades of Kun. In side the office there were a few chose words that slipped form the young woman who lead the team. Just out side the door stood two members of her team. Zeon and Andros were about to turn away from the door when they heard Kaira yell at them both to enter the office. “Well don’t just stand there looking help me.” She said as she laughed. There on the floor sat there battleteam leader drenched in water with a bucket next to her and a shelf that looked as if it had seen better days.

“If I find out it was any of you on my team that pulled this prank so help me you wont know what hit you all. “ Kaira loved a good prank and this had caught her by surprise. </font>


<font color="#5E5A80">Well this week has been interesting. The clan feud will be stating on the 5th of July and I really hope this team will do there best in that to help our house come out on top.

In other news Cassie is the new Aedile for house HSK. I am sure they will be happy with there new leader. We should all remember to say our congrats to her and wish her well.

They also have a new Battleteam leader in HSK for there battle team Fang. Again remember to say a congrats to him if you see him.

Leadership isn’t easy and it takes hard work. We never stop learning and that means growing as well. Yet with out great members such as your selfs we cant do any thing at all. So remember that as you head out to do things this week for the site. </font>


There are a number of house actives to do this week. Until the end of the feud there will be no new Battleteam contests. Please take your time this week and enter all the house contests that you can.

<font size="5">DB Contests: None at this time.</font>

<font size="5">Clan Contests:</font>

Comic Battle

<font color="#7F38EC"><font size="5">House contests:</font>

Were did the Quaestor go!!

I need a Banner!

Who's Office is this??

Dark Tidings

A lesson to remember

<font color="#7F38EC"><font size="5">Battleteam Contests:</font>

<a HREF=”">Joining the Team


The battle KPN Quejo Drakai vs. OP Alaris Jinn di Plagia has been judged.

Victorious: KPN Quejo Drakai

Way to go Quejo


Andros Starkiller: <font color="#347C2C">Emerald Star</font>

Quejo Drakai: <font color="#E8A317">Topaz Star</font>

Zeon Blacktooth: Quartz Star

Kaira Rohana: Topaz star and Quartz Star


Andros Starkiller:

HTML Basics Passed

Vengen Stormshadow‏:

Freighters and Transports Passed

Sith Core Passed


Promotions: None this week

Name changes: Thion Andros changed name to Andros Starkiller

New members: Vengen Stormshadow

Leaving Memebers: Koga Kage (he is now Rollmaster. So he is no longer on the team.)


<font color="#151B8D">Well I went to the baseball game with my nephews this last Friday night. I didn’t watch much of the game even though we did win. The boys were just a bit hyper and couldn’t sit still. But they are young and will learn how to sit still as they grow older. They did enjoy swimming in the pool and trying to get them out was the hard part.

This coming Saturday is the 4th of July. If you all have plans enjoy them. If you don’t well I hope you enjoy the day any way. It is the birthday of the USA so all those out side the country this wont mean much to you. How ever to the USA it is a big day. Lets take a bit of time that day and remember those that aren’t here but severing over seas to try and keep us safer here. Remember them and remember the past to get to this day. Freedom always comes at a price!

Happy 4th of July (a bit early)


KP Kaira Rohana (Krath)/FL/Exar Kun of Plagueis [ACC: CL:1]

SB / GC / SC / AC / DC / SN-BL / Cr-1D-1R-7A-11S-19E-7T-5Q / CF-PF / SI-BL / SoL / LS / S:-21U


Prodigy of Plagueis‏

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