Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report


Cethgus stood there, his build almost dwarfing the figure that stood next to him, the two of them had been looking out of the tower as they discussed business. Looking to his friend the Zabrak leaned against a wall. He continued to gaze out at his surroundings knowing that something was heading his way, and it would have to be for the better or worse. But he was sure that he would be able to see his House through it. As he turned his gaze back to the Sith he spoke quietly. “Your assistance has been appreciated greatly”

“I do as you wish my Quaestor”

“You have been a good friend to me, I really do appreciate it”

The two of them continued there talk for several minutes before someone ran up to the Quaestor and handed him a data pad, before moving out of his way again, looking down the Obelisk handed it to

Godo, suddenly the air became tense as the two of them looked at each other. Godo sighed and walked away from the Obelisk his next order had been given to him, he was to find someone who had managed to get on the wrong side of the Obelisk, and make them see things from his point of view.



FEUD, WHAT FUED? That right, I am giving you each a call for arms, I wish to summon each of you to a call of arms, to prepare yourself to go head to head against House Satal Keto. We will have to give everything we have got, I ask you as a House, as a Kunian and a proud member, to give this feud everything, it is our chance to show what we are capable of. I wish to see you all rise to the challenge that has been set upon us.

Leadership, well in case anyone really hasn’t noticed Koga Kage is the newest addition to HEK leadership, as he has stepped up to the challenge of filling in the position of Rollmaster. I can say that I know he will bring great things to this house and the journeymen.

Godo Nurok was named the newest Hair of Kun, congratulations to all the hard work that he has put in, and I expect to see more come from him in the future. His dedication to this house is second to none and I would like to say thank you to Nurok for all his hard work, and support that he brings to this house, it is truly and inspiration to have a member like him in our house.

As for one last remember, there are spaces in the two battle teams, that if you feel you wish to join the teams please email there leaders, and you will be placed into the teams as soon as possible, and I hope that each of you chose to be in a team, it brings you pride and a great friendship with the other member in your team.

_Medals: _

Ok, I would like to say massive congratulations to everyone who has managed to achieve a medal in the past two weeks. I would also like to say that I would like everyone to be able to try and participate in as many events as you can to get medals this week. There is enough competitions running for someone to be able to find a competition that they are looking for, so I ask you all to participate, and remember starting the 5th of July the feud will be on:

Ralph Vundu: Anteian Cross, Crescent with Quartz Star

Ood Bnar: Legion of the Scholae, Crescent with Topaz Star

Koga Kage: Crescent with Sapphire Star

Jaecyn Kai Interm: Crescent with Emerald Star, Grand Cross of the Dark Side

Zeon Blacktooth: Crescent with Topaz Star, Crescent with Quartz Star

Andros Starkiller: Crescent with Emerald Star

Quejo Drakai: Crescent with Topaz Star

Godo Nurok: Crescent with Emerald Star

Galaphile Dupar: Crescent with Topaz Star, Crescent with Emerald Star

Kaira Rohana: Crescent with Quartz Star, Crescent with Topaz Star

Shadow Academy:

I would like to say another well done for everyone who has been able to participate in the SA these last two weeks. This helps you to do something if you have done the competitions, as well as opening the doors to being able to see you to promotions. I would like to say a massive well done to those completing SA exams, and for you who have free time, I recommend you try and complete some exams that seem to take your fancy. The following exams were completed this week:

Andros Starkiller : IRC Basics, ACC Basics, HTML basics

Ecolore Altinore: ACC Basics, HTML Basics

Vengen Stormshadow: Sith Core

Koga Kage: Dark Brotherhood Basics

Antei Combat Center:

I would like to say well done too everyone who has been participating in the Antei Combat Center, I know that it is a challenge to try and continue to participate. And I would like to see many of you being able to qualify for the ACC. As well as see more of you start to take place in the ACC, it is only for fun and a place where you can challenge clan members to fight, have fun and all around enjoy yourself. The following things have happened in the ACC in two weeks:

Impetus M’Nar vs Fang Ao Tian – Fang Qualified

Mehrunes “Bane” Dagon vs Sanginius Tsucyra – Mehrunes won

Ecolore Altinore – Character Sheet approved

Andros Starkiller – Character Sheet approved

Vengen Stormshadow – Character Sheet approved


I would like to say congratulations to everyone who has been able to achieve promotions in this last few weeks, I know that everyone tries to push forward, and I always say to you, if you work hard, you get rewarded, this is true. As the following people have shown and been promoted for their work, from completing trials to the Equite that has been promoted. If you try hard enough I will always reward you, so everyone keep up the hard work and you will do fine, so without delay the following people have been promoted:

Sith Battlemaster Godo Nurok promoted to Sith Battlelord Godo Nurok

Gaurdian Mehrunes “Bane” Dagon promoted to Jedi Hunter

Mehrunes “Bane” Dagon

Apprentice Thion Andros promoted to Novice Thion Andros

Novice Thion Andros promoted to Acolyte Thion Andros

Apprentice Omertas promoted to Novice Omertas

Apprentice Nolor Malalus promoted to Novice Nolor Malalus


Below is a list of competitions that is being ran at this current time:

Title: Were did the Quaestor go!!


Why did the Quaestor take a sudden leave of absence, and just vanish, what was he really up to, and why did he not want anyone else knowing, all those thoughts and yet no-one truley knows, or do they? You managed to following the Quaestor, and find out what he was doing, write a fiction on what was happening.

Humor to be expected.

Start Date: 6/28/2009

End Date: 7/7/2009

Unit in Competition: House Exar Kun



Word Doc


4th Level Crescents


Send Entries to Cethgus and Ood, there email is on the roster

Dark Tidings

Title: Dark Tidings

Requested By: KP Ood Bnar Sythe'rae

Specifics: Comical piece (humor required). You are the new Dark Lord of the Sith, Master of the Dark Side, ...

But what about some professional help around the Dark Fortress of Doom? The last maid was tortured to death and the fortress is a terrible clutter, you'll need someone to clean it!

Write a letter or advert from the point of view of the Dark Lord in which he is looking for a new cleaner. This can be a short newspaper add in the style of "DLotS (Dark Lord of the Sith) requires maid to keep DFoD (dark fortress of doom) clean, R&B(room and board) included, pay negotiable" (if you abreviate, include the meaning in brackets or underneath). This can however also be a nice letter to a maid-agency using the Dark Lord stationary, use your funnybones in this one!

Start Date: 6/24/2009

End Date: 7/14/2009

Unit in Competition: House Exar Kun

Platforms: writing, imagery, anything that follows the specifics (hell even a multimedia submission ala Jack GJW9 will be accepted)

Awards: 4th level Crescents

Comments: Have fun and make it funny, the top 3 will be rewarded, the top 5 will be published to the House mailer

Title: [CP] Comic Battle

Requested By: JH Mehrunes "Bane" Dagon

Specifics: You have been tasked with creating a comic strip depicting a fight between yourself and another plaguian. You have some creative license on this one, all i ask is that it looks like a regular, one page comic. Coloring is optional but it would defidently be a plus. For an idea of how it should look, see this website - http://thedailycrosshatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/drywall.jpg.

Originality is key, artistic skill is not, if you draw stick figures but i like the story you could still end up placing, have fun with it and see what comes out, this is a chance to express yourself.

Send all submissions to Myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) as well as Octavia ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and also CC the Clan Activity Tracker ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Happy Drawing!

Start Date: 6/23/2009

End Date: 7/7/2009

Unit in Competition: Clan Plagueis

Platforms: Pen and Paper, Image Editing Software

Awards: 3rd Level Crescents to the top three finishers, as determined by myself and Octavia.

Comments: Approved By Clan Summit

Title: I need a Banner!

Requested By: OT Koga Kage

Specifics: I need a Banner for my reports, i know i can just ask someone to make me one, but where's the fun in that? i wanna give everyone the same opportunity. Be as creative as you want and if u wanna use my characters Crest in there somewhere just holler at me and ill sent it to ya.

Start Date: 6/29/2009

End Date: 7/5/2009

Unit in Competition: House Exar Kun

Platforms: Any form of Art program you can get ur hands on.

Awards: 5th level Crescents


Title: Who's Office is this??

Requested By: OT Koga Kage

Specifics: Koga Kage is moving into his New Office as Rollmaster. right now its just a large empty room with a desk and chair and a window on the far side of the room. Design a office Fitting for the Highly Skilled Fighter. Please include a few things from Koga's past experience.

*Stormtrooper Helmut

*Royal Guard Helmut or Vibro Glave

*Monkeys (not a real monkey but like statuaries. stuffed animal ect. kinda like a Easter egg in games, something hidden and kinda funny to see)

*Light Saber

feel free to add whatever else you like. the winning submission will be used on my Characters Wiki page. Start Date: 6/29/2009 End Date: 7/5/2009 Unit in Competition: House Exar Kun Platforms: Any art program, 3D Rendering program or photo editing program Awards: 5th leval crescents

Title: A lesson to remember

Requested By: KP Ood Bnar Sythe'rae

Specifics: Short Dialogue fiction:

This is a competition of Imagination, I want you to imagine you are

Apprentice to the Dark Lord under the Rule of Two. This fiction should depict the last lesson you have before you kill your master and replace him as Dark Lord. You may write from the perspective you wish: the apprentice plotting to kill after taking in the knowledge, the master realising his death is near, the tortured victim in the corner wondering why he just HAD to cross the street then and there.

Start Date: 6/24/2009

End Date: 7/14/2009

Unit in Competition: House Exar Kun

Platforms: Writing, fictional piece

minimum 1 page TNR 12

Awards: 4th level crescents

Comments: Remember, if you write from a perspective, you can only include the

thoughts from the person whose perspective you use.

Last words

With this, I don’t like to rant, but I would like to give a massive thanks to everyone this week, and keep up all the hard work that you are all putting in, it is much appreciated, with the feud coming up we can shine like always, put our best foot forward and rise to the challenge that awaits us. I am sure that we will meet it together as a House and with that I leave you with this war motto.

War Motto:

Take from them everything, give nothing back


Cethgus Kuga

Quaestor of House Exar Kun

Servant of the Kunians

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