T:G Report #2 (It lives!)


T:G Report #2 (It lives!)

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Hello and welcome to another edition of The Gaming Tribune Report. As commonly happens to all of us, real life has been catching up with me as of late, hence the lack of report. You’ll be glad to know that today, however, Clusters of Fire, Pendants of Blood and further ICTE-related Clusters of Fire were requested and swiftly approved, so remember to send your love to Kaek when you check out your new shinies (Really! E-mail him many many times. He likes it!). Let’s get this show on the road, then, shall we

Do you like adventure? Thrills? Excitement? Do you want to be all that you can be? Then whatever you do, don’t read what’s below this message.

I am as of now opening up a position in the gaming staff. We say goodbye to our good friend Quejo who has resigned and Tirano, who was starting to go bad, he hadn’t been dusted in a while too, so… Good luck out there, both of you!

While I would like to divulge what this glamorous position entails, I’m not going to. I need to assess many things, among which, e-mail response time, so, e-mail me asking me about the position if you are interested. Also, as you do this, be sure to include what you, individually, would like to bring to the table and what characteristics make you optimal for a job in the Brotherhood gaming scene. I hope to hear from a lot of you. Spam me! Fill up my mail box like there’s no tomorrow! (That sounded dirty…)

Finally, I’d like to send a shout out to Bachatta. He has been one supremely active gamer since the beginning of my reign- uh.. cough my term as tribune and I hope to see more from this up and coming young go-getter. Game on!

As some of you might know, the tournament was successfully launched and shortly after, it successfully failed. As most people did not bother to show up at all for the Jedi Outcast half of the tournament, I have decided to effectively shut down that ladder since not even e-mailing the concerned parties worked. I apologize to those (few) of you who did show up and looked forward to playing in this ladder. The Jedi Academy ladder survives, though if there isn’t activity, not for long. The status of this ladder is as follows:

Team 1 (Baron and Strategos): Disqualified.

Team 2 (Bachatta and Phoenix): In the finals!

Team 3 (Vardar and Sidarace): In the finals!

Team 4 (Lailoken and Ocih): Defeated. (with a one-man handicap glares at Ocih)

So this is what it comes down to, Team 2 vs. Team 3 in the finals! I hope that everyone shows up. And I do mean everyone. Because if either team wins by disqualification or forfeit the total reward for this tournament will be the couple of Clusters of Fire for the match. I really want to give out two EARNED crescents. I’ll be e-mailing everyone involved in the finals very soon as I don’t want this tournament to drag itself out into July more than it already has.

Pretty much the same as in my last report as things have been slow, as I’ve already mentioned.

There’s also a little itty bitty tiny whisper of a project around concerning gaming and the various Clans of the brotherhood. Could this be why the gaming staff position has just been opened? Is there fun in the horizon? Has the Gaming Tribune gone slightly mad? Will Vardar ever stop referring to himself in the third person??? Tune in on the next episode – same bat-time, same bat-channel!

Get gaming! ;)

Make your report graphics SMALLER, they take up the whole news page :P

Kir is just jealous that his graphics aren't as well endowed.

kir, I'm going to need you to fabricate some silly clause in the Dark Covenant on the Wiki about large report headers or restore those graphics.


Seriously, these report graphics are getting ridiculous.
There is no reason that it should take up half of the screen real estate in my browser: http://img191.imageshack.us/i/hugegraphics.jpg/

I also shouldn't have to f*k around just to get to the *start of your report.

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