Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Ludo Kressh

Quaestor’s Report, the First


Greetings, my esteemed House Mates! This marks my first report as your newly installed Quaestor; thanks to each and every one of you for this opportunity to lead you into the glory that is destined us!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Tsingtao for making this honor possible; I wouldn’t be here were it not for him. I’ve some mighty shoes to fill.

This report will be short as I have to literally ‘get my House in order’. It is my ultimate goal to solidify our home as the place where excellence is not only achieved, it is expected. That said, I will need all of you to take a short (short!) time to go through some serious introspection; if you feel that, at the end of your self-assessment, outstanding achievement in the face of having fun is not for you, then, neither is this House.

However, if you wish to be an architect of our glorious destiny, then I can certainly use you. There are some interesting times ahead, wherein we’ll bid a fond farewell to comrades new and old, and welcome with open arms members who are willing to serve in the name of Sadow’s glory. Ask yourselves, “where do I fit in to this plan?” Your activity and rewards will answer that question, not your words.

Journeymen, your respective BTL’s will be contacting you in the coming days to gain understanding as to your interests and activities that will entice you to participate. Your input is invaluable, so please, chime in early and often! This is your House, too!

I am now accepting applications for Aedile for House Ludo Kressh. Keep in mind that as my Second, you will effectively be trained to eventually take over my job, so I’ll be looking for, amongst other things, some fresh ideas and a high level of positive energy. Applications will be accepted until 0000, 2009Jul09, and the guidelines are as follows:

Desired Requirements:

-DJK or higher rank - This isn't so much a requirement as a guideline. If you think you have the time and dedication to give to this role, I encourage you to apply!

-High IRC presence – This is an absolute must; you, in effect, will serve as my Eyes and Ears in the world of the IRC, and the members must have accessibility to us as their Summit.

Definite Requirements:

-Must have passed both SA Courses for Leadership

-24 hour email turnaround

-Willingness to work with the current Clan and House Summits

-Activity (leadership by example)

-Must be able to dedicate a few hours every week to focus on their Aedile duties

Here are a few minor duties expected of an Aedile, though not a complete list:


-Post a report of the member's activity in the House on a weekly basis

-Welcome new members to the House and help them with their trials for promotion

-Track member's progress for promotion (You will be working with the Roll Master in this capacity)

-Help members develop their characters

Please list your past experiences as well as any ideas you have for this position. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. If you feel you can meet most of the requirements, but not all of them, I still encourage you to apply! Most of the requirements are a guideline, and not an absolute. Exceptions can and will be made if we find the right candidate. So if you think you have what HLK needs, send in those applications!

Please send your application to me and cc Bob and Ashura


•Thanks for the chance to lead!

•Journeymen Audit

•Accepting Apps for AED, get 'em in before next Thursday the 9th!

In service, ever for Sadow...

KE Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow (Krath)/QUA/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow [ACC: DCM]

GC / SC / AC-ToDS / DC-SiP / GN-BL / SN / Cr-2R-5A-7S-10E-2T-4Q / DSS / SoF / SoL / LS-AgL / S:-1D-3Dk-3Rm-5P-6U


Son of Sadow

Quaestor, HLK

Deputy Combat Master

Primus Inter Pares

"All will be revealed in the Fullness of Time."

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