Well things are looking very much up as I already have an update for you all.

After speaking with Kaek it looks like the DSS will be revamped in a different aspect, possibly more along the lines of a fiction version of the PoB. I will let you know more as the MAA gives me more information.

But not to worry, right afterward, Kaek has told me he has already brought up the concept of a "Fiction Cluster." We are waiting on a name for it, but it will be something created specifically for fictional rewards in the new system we are working on.

Also there seems to be a little confusion on how an AL (Assistant Loremaster) is chosen. I will be appointing them after consulting your CONs. This position will be responsible for directly assisting with the role playing system I am working on. Thus, I prefer a member of the clan that can work with me and the clan summit. As of yet only one Clan has responded, after 7/14/2009 if the Clans don't produce a possible candidate for the position, I will appoint one for them.

In Dark Service,

A question:
I was wondering, if a Consul sends a list of possible candidates. And you don't find a workable candidate and appoint one yourself, who is to say if that candidate will be workable with the Clan? If you appoint someone and the Clan disagrees and refuses to work with that specific person, will he/she remain appointed or will you look for someone new?

I'm just asking this since you state that the Assistant Loremaster will work on fictional development of his/her Clan and has to be able to work with you. Doesn't that also state that he/she needs to be able to work with the Clan itself?

Apologies is this is another stupid question/comment or Adolescent postering from me.

...It's barely been a day since you first emailed the Consuls. Isn't it a little early to start talking about consequences? :P

I expect someone has probably already suggested this, but the first thought to enter my mind when reading about the "Fiction Cluster" was "Bronze Scroll", which was a fiction-only award we used to have. The Bronze Scroll and War Cross (gaming version) later got merged into the Star of Eos(Antei).

The only catch I can think is that the BZ and WC were merit awards not competition awards, but back there there weren't CoF or Crescents anyway, since the only pure "competition awards" were just Novae. Most of the time the BZ and WC were used for winning non-GJW fiction or gaming comps.

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