Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

It's about time I'd get my first report out so here you go

Not a lot of stuff has happened lately, we've got a clanwide run-on going so make sure to keep your eyes on that and participate if you can.

Furthermore the RoS has been announced for Jan 2010, prepare, and make sure not to be burnt out by then.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Dash for all he has done for Arcona during his long-assed summit positions, for all who missed it, if that's even possible, he stepped down last friday.

However it's sad to see him go, I'm more than happy to announce that he's now a proud member of the DB's most awesome battleteam, Soulfire, so make sure to welcome him :)


The Run-On GO POST!

Several summer comps have been launced, we've got 2 running at the moment:

First up, Theme Songs! - Ignore the dates, they're wrong, it starts today and ends on the 7th of August. All you need to do is come up with a suitable theme tune for your current Summit (Dash, Strat, Lego, Sang, Etah, Zakath, Timeros, Kant, Celahir, JS) and send your list to Strat, Tim and I before the time runs out. Easy and a good chance to mock us (not that you ingrates need one).

Next up, I'll kill you with... - Again, ignore the dates, it's starting today and ends on the 7th of August. A delightfully inventive competition, where you mail Strat, Tim and I with the most inventive and sadistic ways you can think of killing Taldryanites with the following list of inanimate objects: A shot glass, an E-6 Power Droid, and a hand mirror.

Also expect a comp or 2 launched withing Soulfire soon.


As I mentioned before not a lot of shit has happened however Etah decided to give out the Galares merit awards, I'm glad we've got some soulfirians who got those:

Malidir: The First Blade Of Galares → Shard of Garrida

Maaks: The Prodigy of Galares → Mantle of the Prodigy

Archer and Xar: Archivist Droid


Celahir: Pauldrons of Command and a Kama

Staying with awards,

Malidir received a Scroll of Foundation

I myself received a Crescent with Sapphire and a Crescent with Topaz Star

-SA Courses-

Malidir passed Advanced Lightsaber studies

I think that's about it, make sure to have fun and do what you can.

JH Celahir Erinos (Obelisk)/SGT/Galeres of Arcona [ACC: INI]

AC / DC / Cr-3S-2E-3T / CF / SI-BL / LS / S:-1D-2Rm-2P-3U 

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