Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Kalak looked at the new arrivals and laughed. Even Dakari Palpatine had suffered from the blast that had destroyed House Caliburnus. His pink pyjamas had holes everywhere, and the end of his bunny slipper had been torn off. The rest of the group were in the same sorry state, indeed some of the apprentices almost fell off the platform when a sudden gust of wind hit them.

“Koryn, get these beggars into some sort of accommodation. With showering facilities, the smell is overpowering. Draco, lend Dakari your flowery bathrobe. I have a report to do.”

Disciples of the rising Dragon

Today we are now one of two houses. Our old enemy, Caliburnus has fallen. We have taken ten of their members, including a member of the Palpatine family. We have twenty-eight members now. Of that, thirteen are Journeymen. More on that further down.

News and Notices

You all know I’m Quaestor now. I was supposed to be getting a fic from Tra’an but he hasn’t finished it yet. I’ll include that, and Koryn’s Aedile fiction in a document attached to the next report.

The Deputy Grandmaster posted this on the website today:


The last Rite of Supremacy, if my memory serves me correctly, gave Clan Taldryan an extra system. The prize for this Rite of Supremacy sounds better. It’s set for January, but keep your eyes open.

The Shadow Academy graders have been changed from EPs to Docents and Professors. At the moment, there is a slight delay in exam results, which is to be expected. Please be patient.

The Consul of Arcona has retired.

I released my inspirational pre-feud address a bit prematurely. That evening, I got on IRC and was told that it had been postponed indefinitely. Keep an ear open for news on that.

Journeymen system

As mentioned above, we have thirteen Journeymen. We’ll hopefully get more. I’ve noticed that a lot of the time, when we get Apprentices, they stay apprentices. Not due to the Roll Masters, but because they have, in effect, spam joined – joined for no good reason, not intending to do anything. They are dead weight. The promotion guidelines clearly state that one deed, which shows activity will get promotion. A Shadow Academy exam, a competition submission, appearing on IRC, subscribing to the message boards, all will get an Apprentice promoted. It is reasonable to expect that an Apprentice who wants to take an interest and advance in the DB will have done something within seven days.

So, if an apprentice fails to do anything in one week, he will be emailed by a summit member, checking what the situation is. If there is no reply, a follow-up email will be sent, three days later. If that receives no reply I shall start instigating Rogue proceedings. The same goes for Novices but with a more lenient time scale. A reply to the email, explaining the situation will suffice. If a member doesn’t answer either emails, then it’s clear that there is absolutely no interest in the DB.

We want to get every single one of you to Knighthood as fast as possible, and the recent promotion guidelines have aided us in that.



House history

Battle Team revamp

If you want to help, or have some ideas on how to improve HAD, don’t hesitate to email myself and Koryn.

Other stuff

A big shout out to PRT Callidous. Callidous joined just over two weeks ago and is already a PRT.

There is a two week competition planned, that I hope to release this coming Sunday. It will contain every single aspect of the competitions that are available in the DB. At the moment, we are waiting on some ACC character sheets and a few other minor things before we put in the request.

As I mentioned earlier, we have twenty-eight members. I am considering renovating the Order of the Dragon and reopening the BT Dragon Seraphim. Keep an eye on the HAD forums, I may open it up to a vote.

In conclusion

Do what you do best. We’re in a quiet period at the moment, but it won’t last forever.

Don’t forget about the Youtube competition, this has the potential to boost our numbers even more.

We operate the open door policy, so don't hesitate to talk to us

In Darkness

Kalak Ragnose

Lord of the Desert Planet

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