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With both Halc and I's vacations out of the way, we are now able to fully devote our time to matters relating to running the clan. I've just moved into my college dorm, so if you see me idling on IRC, there is a VERY good chance I'm there. Bug me if you have questions, concerns, or ideas. As we work towards restructuring the Clan to work more efficiantly, expect changes. Those of you who have been around a long time might be surprised by some moves, but I promise it will all work out in the end.

DB and Clan News

-The next Rite of Supremacy has been announced for Januray 2010. This is a big deal because the main awards given for RoS are the titles of "First Clan", "Second Clan", and "Third Clan" along with various prizes. Though we only placed second in the recent GJW, we maintain our claim to the First Clan title, something I do not plan on losing.

-Dash has retired as Consul of Clan Arcona. he actually did quite a good job in leading his clan and brought it for once to the head of the pack. Applications are now being accepted for his job.

-Sidarace is nearing a decision on who his next Aedile will be. Remain patient while he weighs his options.

-The House and Clan Summits are ready and willing to give members in need of a little push a project or a part in a project. Service like this counts heavily towards promotions at all levels, but our focus is the upper Journeymen and lower equite ranks. If you're interested, shoot the appropriate persons emails.

Summit Projects

The Clan Summit has recently enacted various projects in order to bring the Clan back line.

Most deal with leadership accountability and attitude, while another focus has been on Fictional Development of the Clan's assests, mainly the Rybanloth System and the Kr'Tal system. Various people noted for their experience in dealing with the Clan's lengthy history have been invited to help develop ideas for this. Wiki articles will be going up shortly.

The House summits have been compiling Internal Reports detailing their plans for members in the next 3o-60-90 days with a focus on providing means for members to succeed. Halcyon and I will review these and report back to the House Summits with our thoughts.

Awards and Promotions

House Ektrosis

Rian Aslar

-Crescent Emerald x 1

-Sith Core (passed)


-Crescent Sapphire x 1

Aquilus Letum

-HTML Basics (passed)

-Force Cults (passed)

-Brotherhood Basics (passed)

-IRC Basics (passed)

-Promoted to Novice! Great work!

House Dinaari

Xiarr Drakar

-Crescent Topaz x 1

-Crescent Amethyst x 1

-Old Republic History (passed)

-Flight Studies (passed)

-Astronomy (passed)

-Freighters and Transports Studies (passed)

-Capital Starship Studies (passed)

-ACC Basics (passed)

-Onderon: ESET (passed)

-Light Saber Studies (passed)

-Dark Mavin: Flight (passed)

-Promoted to Protector! Congrats!

Imi Semly

-Crescent Emerald x 1

Alex Anderson

-Crescent Sapphire x 1

Noctis Lucis Caelum

-Crescent Sapphire x 1

Corax "Baron" Zarjin

-Onderon: ESET (passed)

Benevolent Taldrya Whiner

Onderon: ESET (passed)

Closing thoughts

Summer is nearing its end for most students. As you head back to school, remember that Taldryan is still here. The Fall, Winter, and Spring months are great times to accomplish the Rank Grinding you miss out in the Summer due to social activities and such. Good luck to those of you going off to college for the first time.

~Proconsul Vodo Biask Taldrya

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