Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

**Prophecy Phyle Report

Tetrarch Kant Lavar, Report No. 11

6 August 2009**

Obligatory Monologue

A report! The shock! The horror! The amazement! Men die! Women sigh! Cats try and poke their noses into my computer! I get clawed for trying to shoo them out!

Freshly bandaged, I continue my typing. For those that wonder, my computer decided to declare war on me after I tried to install my new graphics card. So, a new monitor cable, two new RAM chips, a trip to see tech support at Micro Center, a memory reformat, and many hours of re-installation and updates of everything from Windows XP SP2 on up, I once again have a working computer.

Competitions – Current

  • Clan RO - Displace - Summer RO. Summer RO is your friend. We like the summer RO. We post in the summer RO. We get to blow shit up eventually in the summer RO.

  • Open Season on the TET – In an attempt to raise the average skill level of the Clan as a whole in the ACC, to include that of myself, until further notice I will accept any and all challenges in the ACC. It's not an official comp, so there won't necessarily be Crescents up for grabs, but I might be able to see about some other shinies down the road – and for us Journeymen, this definitely helps when promotion times come round~

Shadow Academy

  • DJK Jeric Cyrin passed Enemy Starfighter Engineering & Technology with 100%.

  • JH Martumal passed Krath CORE with 95%

Awards & Promotions

  • None.

Closing Babble

Planning note: I will be on leave from 3 September to 6 September, as I will be attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta. If anyone cares, most of the time I plan to be with the Colonial Fleet – just look for the crazy BSG-garbed frakkers that keep yelling “So say we all!”

Video of the Moment

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Arcona Invicta!

JH Kant Lavar (Obelisk)/TET/House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona [ACC:CL:1]


Dossier No. 8505

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