Monthly Comp Results and A Update on the RPG Guid


Monthly Comp Results and A Update on the RPG Guid

The Dirty Little Secrets Competition is over. The next monthly competition will start at the beginning of next month so everyone knows exactly when it begins and ends. So there is no guessing about the time frame. The entries to this competition were all fun to read.

First Place: DJK Koryn

Second Place: KE Impetus M’nar

Third Place: GRD Tier-Avis Nami

Again thank you all for those that participated. Those of you that won some shinnies look for them to come to you within the next day or so. Again thank you to all that participated. Look for the next Monthly Topic to show up around the 28th of this month and it will run till the end of next month so the monthly topic will actually run monthly 

Other news:

The Assistant Loremasters and I will have an announcement on or around the First of Next month on the finalization of the RPG Guide for the Dark Brotherhood. The AL’s have worked hard and have made sure this RPG Guide is something that is flexible enough while retaining a solid foundation for the Brotherhood RPG’s. I would like to thank my Assistant Loremasters for their excellent and hard work. They have done their best to make this Guide something that keeps the membership having fun as its priority. I would like to thank them here for all their hard work it is very appreciated, especially by me.

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