Aedile Report


Aedile Report

This is my 4th report in Arcona now and I’ve been here for a couple of months. Too damn long I must say, 2 continuous months of insults from Tim and Dash are too much for any man, but I’m not a common find. I’m too damn stubborn to give an inch to those two sadistic fuckers. Anyway, onto the news for you lovelies.

Brotherhood News

No real news this week in the DB other than Aedile applications are open for House Dorimand Sol in CSP, the requirements are on the front page of the database if you’re pathetic enough to want to go to the squirrel fuckers.

House News

Not much news in the House this week, Legz and I are around on IRC as usual where you can catch us if you need anything, again. Email is always handy if you need to get to us. There is currently a House competition running at the moment, “Life of Sang”. I recommend entering this for activity as we have a lot of Journeymen in the House.


Congratulations to Martumal who made it to Dark JedI Knight this past Sunday.

Also congratulations to Jin who got promoted to Novice yesterday, way to go.


A couple of transfers this week,

Isabella Quinn has left us for CNS and we have a newcomer from the Shadow Academy in Jinashimaru.


No medals this week, expect the medals from the Displace RO to be awarded this coming week, I know the placings and I’ll list them here for you guys.

1st - Sanguinius Tsucyra

2nd - Xuthen

3rd - Earnest

Well done to Earnest, Qel Droma took 2 out of 3 in the placings, way to go guys. Don’t forget to post in the new RO. It’s shiny!

Shadow Academy

Martumal gained a Degree in Philosophy

Tol Ziveri gained a Degree in Flight

Mendaar Ukri - Lightsaber Studies

Tol Ziveri - Obelisk Core, Capital Starship Studies, Force Philosophy, Grammar Studies

Well done to Tol for gaining a degree and continuing to do exam after exam. Looks like someone is eager to get to Guardian.


Arcona RO - Displace is still running, only we’re using the new RO located here:

Also got the “Life of Sang” running for House Qel Droma, details are on the competition listings, don’t be afraid to go looking for them.


Not a very long report today, why? Because I’ve not got much news or stuff to spam, but hell I’ll provide you with this little picture that Kaira Rohana created of my character back when I was in CP, it’s so fucking embarrassing but hey, I thought I’d share the laughter.

Because I’m Arconan and now supposedly gayer than Dash and Strat combined (impossible) Kaira got it in mind to make a picture of me as a fucking Queen. Enjoy fuckers. :P

**The Bare Bones:

  • RO Breaking Point is running, don’t forget to post

  • “Life of Sang” gives you a chance to humiliate me

  • Strat is back

  • PCON apps are still open

  • Arcona still fucking pwns


DJK Sanguinius Tsucyra (Obelisk)/AED/Qel-Droma of Arcona [ACC: CL:1] GC / SC / DC-SP / SN / Cr-1R-1S-1E-3T / CF / SI-BL / LS / S:-8U


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